“That which you condemn you will become. We condemn others for killing others by killing them. Enough said.”

We tweeted this yesterday. But God, if we don’t punish those who kill, they might keep on killing.

So it will never stop. This killing. One day, your world will be a desolate and lonely planet.

That will never happen.


What? You mean dinosaurs became extinct because they kept killing each other?

What do you think?

But how?

You tell Me. Think of humans as dinosaurs. Go on. Tell Me.

But dinosaurs killed in order to survive. They needed to kill so that they had food to eat. To live.

Were there dinosaurs that were herbivores?


But…but if we don’t punish murderers they will murder again.

Isn’t incarceration for life punishment enough? Why must you kill them after they have already suffered so? Suffered a life that I have given them as gifts? Once the body suffers, so will the spirit. I, God, feel everything you feel. Don’t you think I feel the suffering of all those that are incarcerated, tortured, persecuted, marginalized, abused, subjugated–

Okay! Okay. I’m beginning to feel the frustration. I understand now.

Good. Let’s hope others do too.