Men & Women Are Beautiful


Let’s talk about my wig obsession, God.

What about it, dear one?

What about it?! I’m obsessed, that’s what’s about it. The worse thing is, I practically told the whole world about it! How stupid is that?! Now, when I’m out and about there are women and girls who think their hair is soooo super-gorgeous that I feel like they’re taunting me with it. Showing it off. Swinging it back and forth in front of my face like a horse’s tail–

Calm down, child. Why are you so upset?

That’s good. I’ll let you simmer down for a while. Shall we continue later?


Well then?

I’m calm.

Good. Let me ask you this–what is one of your purpose in this world besides children and their souls and bringing others back to their souls?

To empower women.

Yes. Remember that to help others you have to help yourself first. In other words, you must first go through what others are going through before you can help others because you have experienced the problem and probably have managed to overcome it. With this in mind, can you figure out your purpose for having a wig obsession?


Oh indeed.

I have a wig obsession because there are women out there who have lost their self-esteem and confidence because they do not look so good. They have lost their crowning glory either through alopecia, sickness or aging. I am helping women realize that wigs are not something to be ashamed of. It’s like…well, the way I think of it is–if breasts can be enhanced with padded bras, why not the head with a cap full of hair?

That’s funny.

Ya, I think so too. Anyway, this world is so obsessed with judging women based on our looks, our physicality, since the beginning of time that we have succumbed to it. We put gunk on our faces, we self-inflict pain with sky-high shoes, wear tight and uncomfortable-can-hardly-breathe clothes, poke holes in our ears so we can wear earrings, slap on colours on our nails, bear tedious long hours and pay tons of money to get our hair all nice. I don’t even wanna mention spas and slimming centers, cosmetic companies, plastic surgery and such which I just did. Women are so obssessed with looking good that it has become a profit for multi-billion industries. So why then am I conforming to this obsession with my wigs? It’s like what I tweeted–if you can’t beat them, join them. I’m defeating my purpose!

No, you’re not. You are still living in this world. And we are in a gentle revolution. I have made it so that messengers are like little drops of rain in an otherwise calm ocean. Beneath this ocean is a fault line which when not addressed will one day shift drastically and cause a–

I know! A tsunami.

A tsunami that will cause devastation and destruction. Messengers like you are little drops of rain that will gently fall into this calm-looking ocean which will cause tiny ripples where you will slowly and gently be integrated with the rest therefore changing baby step by baby step the way everyone live their lives. The key word here is integrate. As in blend in. So tell Me, are you blending in?

I’m so blended, I’m practically incognito.

Physically, you may be indistinct. But rest assured, dear one, the spiritual world is agog with–

Never mind! I already know what You’re gonna say next. Others will think I’m blowing my own horn.

Exactly. We are blowing it so hard, The Unspoken Truth is deafening–

God! Can we please get back to the subject at hand?

Right. Your wig obsession and your daring to tell everyone about it is showing everyone that you are not afraid and you are not ashamed to show your true self. That is how women should be. Your purpose is to let women know that they should not be ashamed of Who They Really Are. Women are courage and wisdom and love. It is time to recognise that. It is time to acknowledge that. Women have been oppressed for too long. It is time to show that their contributions for the betterment of your world account for something. Women are gentle beings. Thus, we have our gentle revolution to protect women and children. All of you are My children. Your world right now is still judging women based on their physicality which will take a long time to change. And since this is the case, rather than treating this judgment as a hindrance, don’t you think it is possible to use it as strength instead? Beautiful things don’t need attention, they deserve it. Some women love to enhance their beauty and will do all they can to achieve this beauty as perceived in your world. It gives them joy. You are what you create. Actually, all of you are beautiful. Men and women. It is just your perception of what is considered beautiful that is playing around with your psyche. Your souls.