“We are all snobs of the Infinite, parvenus of the Eternal.” (Thank you, Yahoo! News Digest.)

Philosophers may know what the heck this means but I don’t. So I’m turning to the best philosopher of All. What does this mean, God?

That is what I Am here for. Definitions of snob, infinite, parvenus and eternal, please.

That’s practically the whole sentence. I might as well have gone straight to the dictionary.

Sorry. Okay. “Snob” means “a person who believes himself or herself an expert or connoisseur in a given field and is condescending toward or disdainful of those who hold other opinions or have different tastes regarding this field; example: a musical snob.”Infinite” means “unbounded or unlimited; boundless; endless; example: God’s infinite mercy.” “Parvenus” means “a person who has recently or suddenly acquired wealth, importance, position, or the like, but has not yet developed the conventionally appropriate manners, dress, surroundings, etc.” And “eternal” means “without beginning or end; lasting forever; always existing (opposed to temporal ); example: eternal life.”

Now. Why do you think the author capitalized the first letters of the words infinite and eternal?

Coz the words are pertaining to God? To You.

Yes. Can you tell the difference between infinite and eternal? Here’s a hint. Look at the examples.

Okay. The example for infinite is “God’s infinite mercy.” While the example for eternal is “eternal life.” Oh.

Why oh?

I just noticed the difference. Oh wait. I notice what is similar too.

Go on.

Infinite pertains to God. As in God’s mercy, God’s love, God’s patience, God’s joy, etc., which are of the realm of the absolute. While eternal pertains to life. Life as in here. In my realm. The realm of the relative. Wait a sec. But the author capitalised both words because they are of God.

Ye are Gods, remember?


Yes, oh. Oh, how easily My children forget that they are of the same make as I. I Am God. Ye are Gods. Therefore, your mercy should also be infinite. I have given you life eternal. What is your life? It is not your physical body. That is expendable. Your life is your soul. Therefore, your soul is eternal. Say that quote again.

We are all snobs of the Infinite, parvenus of the Eternal.

Now. Try to explain that quote based on what we have just discussed.

Oh man. Okay. Here goes. We think ourselves more superior, thus we have no Infinite mercy for others because we are not yet accustomed in prioritizing our Eternal souls. Aargh! That was a tough one. I had to backspace and retype so many times!

But you did it. Well done!

Thank you. Are we done?