Quiz – Are You Suffering From “Unsung Song” Syndrome?

(I just got this in my Inbox. Just having fun with answering the TRUE OR FALSE questionnaire. )

“Dear Joy,

Claire here.

The great Maya Angelou famously said: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”

In working with over 250,000 women, I’ve come to see first hand that most of us are suffering what I’ve dubbed as “unsung song” syndrome.

If you’re experiencing a discrepancy between the rich possibilities you sense for who you could be as a woman, for your relationships, and for your creative contribution to the world, versus the reality of your daily life, it might be because you haven’t yet activated your Feminine Power.

And because we’re committed to supporting as many women as possible to awaken their Feminine Power, Katherine and I have decided to host our acclaimed seminar again tomorrow.Join Us For The Three Keys to Feminine Power, Thursday, July 31st at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern

If you’re curious whether you, too, are experiencing “unsung song” syndrome, we’ve created a quiz for you.

Simply answer “True” or “False” to the following statements:

1. You feel somewhat anxious or depressed in spite of being a conscious, committed and caring person who has worked on herself for many years.
(FALSE. Never been happier!)

2. You find yourself over-giving and over-doing, feeling frequently depleted by the myriad demands upon you, despite your best efforts to create a balanced life.
(FALSE. Doing life has never been easier.)

3. You long for deeper, more supportive connections with others even though you’ve spent many years of working to better your relationships.
(FALSE. I’m connecting with God all the time. What could be deeper than that?)

4. You yearn for an intimate partner (or more intimacy with your current partner) who matches your passion for life and is your equal in every way—someone who shares your values and vision to create a better world.
(FALSE. Isn’t “yearning” the same as “wanting” which is what the universe will in turn return? Nope. No yearning. Just thanking.)

5. You feel alone and under-supported to bring forth the fullness of the contribution you know you have to make, in spite of having good friends in your life.
(FALSE. I am never alone, remember? And anyone else for that matter.)

6. You feel pulled to express your gifts and talents in ways that will make a difference, but have no idea how to realize your deeper potentials.
(FALSE. Nope. No pulling. Coz I’m already expressing every day, every hour, every second. To me, it’s called LIVING.)

7. You feel called to begin a new project or career that’s about service and contribution, but don’t know exactly what it might look like or how to support yourself financially in the meantime.
(FALSE. I’m allergic to anything that has the word “financial” in it.)

8. You are concerned about the state of our world, yet also feel overwhelmed, confused and powerless to bring about the radical course-correct we all know is needed.
(FALSE. Partly. Coz I AM concerned about the state of our world but I am certainly not overwhelmed, confused or powerless. That’s really funny. Me? Powerless? LOL)

If you answered “False” to all of these statements, congratulations! You’re probably already living from your Feminine Power.”