Utang Na Loob

24 July 2014

Agenda of the soul vs Free Will.

They’re the same, child.


Serious. When you create using your Free Will, that is the agenda of your soul. Take note: you do not know the agenda of your soul. It is only AFTER you have created the agenda of your soul will you know that THAT was the agenda of your soul.

An example, please.

The “left door cabinet” incident that happened to you yesterday. Do you think that person who lost his temper knew he was going to lose his temper over the phone, in public, that morning?

I don’t think so.

No, he didn’t know. If you put yourself in his shoes now, let’s say you are reading about yourself in a New World messenger’s blog that you sense the whole world is reading, how would you feel?

Embarrassed, I guess. But God, I don’t really wanna embarrass anyone! It’s just that I had to do it. I HAD to do it. I was walking so fast after I alighted from the bus that I reached home less than half the usual time.

Why do you think it was so?

It felt like it was my purpose. My purpose to bring awareness to everyone about the underlying problems of our relationships in our troubled world right now. I apologize to that person if he is…if he is–I’m not sure what he is feeling right now.

I will tell you what he is feeling right now. He is feeling duly chastised.


That is how God reprimands anyone who is coming from fear whenever they are interacting with another soul. It is only your soul that will feel discomfort. Nothing happens to your body. Your physicality is your own. Your soul is your own. Your soul and body belong to you alone. Do not let anyone ever own either one. If you do, you will suffer.

What do You mean another soul owning another soul?

There are those who cannot seek their own truth because they feel they are beholden to another. They either feel guilty, or they feel they need to serve this other because of an obligation. An obligation in terms of what they may have learnt from this other person or what this other person has given to them from their time and energy or even in monetary terms.

Oh, I know a phrase to describe that in Tagalog. “Utang na loob.” “Utang” means “owe”, “na loob” means–I’m not too sure but something like “from within”.

From within as from the heart.

Yes! “I owe you from the heart.”

So in other words, you are obligated to another because of a favor given to you.

Well, yeah. Something along that line.

Do you believe in this?

What? In making someone obligated to me?


No, of course not. I am a free spirit. I treat others the same.

Good. Otherwise the whole world owes you a big one.


Never mind, dear. I Am just talking to Myself.

I don’t even want to know that means. Anyway. Where were we?

Nowhere. This is the end. For now.