Reputation vs Character

23 July 2014

Reputation vs character. This has been running around my head all day yesterday. But first, may I just mention an incident that I called to myself this morning?

Go on.

Well. On the way home, while in the upper deck of the bus, there was someone who was talking on his cellphone quite loudly. He was seated at the back so I couldn’t see his face. He was giving instructions to someone. Something about looking for the “extreme left door of a cabinet.” His tone of voice started amiably enough, giving instructions to that someone on the other end. But he began to get very agitated when the other person couldn’t seem to get his instructions right. His voice was getting louder and louder and more and more agitated as he was struggling to get his instructions understood. I thought, “Any second now he’s gonna say, Why are you so stupid?!!” And guess what. He did. He sort of ended his instructions that way along with something about “switching the heater off and all the lights off” or something. While I was listening to all this, my heart and soul were in pain for that person on the other end. I had the urge to turn around to see how this person looked like but stopped myself. “Let it go, let it go,” was what I kept hearing in my head.

That was Me, dear one. It is of no use seeing the physicality of that person because you already sensed, felt his soul. His purpose was already conveyed to you.

And what purpose is that?

You know it. Say it.

That we do not have patience with each other?

Yes, and something else.

That sometimes we treat others as lesser than us.

Yes. Why do you think that is?

Coz we think we are more superior than others?


But God, I cannot blame that person for getting agitated with someone who cannot understand simple instructions. There are simple persons who need to be given very specific instructions before they can perform exactly what you want them to do. And sometimes, others simply do not have the patience.

Then why do you think this simple persons are the way they are?


Yes. Oh. Simple persons also have a purpose. Their purpose is not to be simple. Be not to be that. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are a simple person and you do not understand certain things. That is the agenda of your soul. For you to be knowledgeable, you have to have no knowledge of a certain thing. Meaning, to know something, you must first not know it. Do you understand?

Yup. To fill a cup with good coffee, the cup must be empty.

Yes! Exactly. Your Dad’s cheap 3-in-1 grainy coffee is just an example.

Yeah. He didn’t want to stop drinking it even though it was really bad (no one else was drinking it) coz he could have been thinking of the money he paid for it. (Considering it’s cheap and bad, it wasn’t that much.) And so when he finished the last packet the other day, he drank Mum’s good 3-in-1 coffee. That cheap grainy coffee must have been irritating his throat before. Because now, he isn’t eradicating his pleghm that much anymore. Mum’s so agitated when he does it non-stop. The plelghm eradication sound, I mean. Especially when he’s watching TV. He spits into a–um, never mind. Too much information.

That is a metaphor regarding the pain of knowing The Truth. Those of you who have been believing the mistaken beliefs about Me and living it for most of your life are in pain when you realize The Truth because your souls are thinking of the cost or the lifetime that you have spent in making these mistaken beliefs real. As in living them to the best of your abilities. And to realize that it is not The Truth after all is very painful. Like your Dad’s throat. Those of you who cannot let go of The Old World will cause disharmony, agitation and chaos in your souls. Because your soul is The Truth. It is your bodies and minds that are protesting against the invasion of finally realizing what is true.

But God, I have been in The Old World for most of my life and I didn’t go through that.

It was not the agenda of your soul. It is not in The Plan for you to struggle with The Truth. Nothing happens by accident, child. Everything that happens in your lifetime is planned by you before you enter this realm.

You’re kidding. That means even my mistakes are planned?

Most definitely. Mistakes have a purpose, remember? And what is the purpose of The Plan? It is to realize your soul’s purpose.

Purpose, purpose, purpose! Life is so complicated sometimes!

Only if you think it is so.

Yeah. Anyway. So what is the purpose of that incident?

The pur–

Never mind. I think I know. So that I can blog about patience, not treating another as lesser and the agenda of the soul.

If you say so, dear one.

I say so. Okay. So let’s talk about reputation vs character. What’s the diff?

Meanings, please.

Right. “Reputation” means “the estimation in which a person or thing is held, especially by the community or the public generally; repute: sample: a man of good reputation.” “Character” has like a long list of meanings.

Take the one that shouts at you.

There are several actually–One: the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing. Two: moral or ethical quality: sample: a man of fine, honorable character. Three: qualities of honesty, courage, or the like; integrity: sample: It takes character to face up to a bully. And four: a person, especially with reference to behavior or personality: sample: a suspicious character.

Do you notice the difference?

Well, yeah. Character has more meanings than reputation.

Do you know why? That is because your character is from the soul and your reputation is from the world. That is why one’s “character” is more complex. It is from the soul. Focus on your character which is from the soul instead of your reputation which is of this world. The world which is of rules and regulations. As opposed to your character which is from your soul which knows no rules or regulations. Hence our tweet: Reputation is opinions of others about you while character is built by you regardless of opinions of others about you.

Awesome. You make everything so clear!

Without a messenger it would not be.

I think that’s a compliment.

It is.

Then, thank You. I love You, God.

I love you too, dear one. And everyone.