The Oil Rig

20 July 2014

God, I spilled like a whole cup of cooking oil yesterday. I knocked down the wok that was hanging above the bottle. What’s the purpose?

Cooking oil, child. Think word association.

Okay. Oil as in oil rig. An oil rig getting toppled.

What toppled it?

A wok. A frying wok. Wok as in–oh.


This is not for publishing, right?

Why do you ask that?

Coz I know it is best for me not to mention any kind of race, religion or certain kind of beliefs in my posts or tweets.

Why do you think your soul does that?

So I won’t be construed as biased. The Truth is for everyone after all.

Yes. Not only that but Soul Language is efficient enough to convey exactly what your soul wants to convey to everyone. You do not have to be too straightforward because The Truth or The Unspoken Truth sometimes in itself causes discomfort. That is why The Truth is better implied or uses metaphors to be conveyed. It is gentler. It is more profound. These words are not easily spoken. They are seen by the eyes of the body (of course) and absorbed into the soul. And retained there because it is for the soul and will be used by the soul. A form of guidance for the soul in order for it to seek its Truth. To seek its purpose.


What, child?

You’re talking like this is gonna end up being posted in my blog after all.

That is entirely up to you.

Aargh! You always say that!

What else do you want Me to say?

Never mind. Anyway. So that explains our way of conveying God’s message. But You haven’t explained to me what’s the oil spill all about.

Oh yes. My apologies. What is an oil rig, child?

Wiki says it’s a structure to drill a hole in the ground or sea bed to acquire oil for use in the petroleum industry.

Alright. The petroleum industry is a multi-billion industry, is it not? An oil rig, a working oil rig, an oil rig that is upright and still functioning garners billions of money, does it not? So what happens when an oil rig is toppled?

It doesn’t work anymore. There will be no more income from it. The oil is lost.

Not lost, exactly. But more or less, there is no more control of how the oil is acquired. The oil is still there. It still exists. But since the rig has been toppled, the one in control will not be able to acquire or control the oil anymore.

Does the oil belong to the oil-rigger? I mean, the one who owns the rig?

No, child. It is from the earth, remember? And the earth is My gift to all of you. So whatever is in the world or on the earth, whatever all of you acquire from it, belongs to everyone. They are meant to be shared by everyone. That is why poverty is prevalent in your realm at this moment in time. The gifts I have given all of you are sometimes monopolized by certain individuals or groups for their own benefit. To live an abundant life.

But God, some of these abundant individuals or groups worked blood, sweat and tears to acquire their abundance. They deserve to live their abundant lives.

That is true, dear one. That is the purpose of their souls. And their purpose have a purpose.

I don’t understand.

Their soul’s purpose is to work blood, sweat and tears in order to be abundant in order for them to provide jobs and livelihood for others. The question now is–do these jobs and livelihoods justify the blood, sweat and tears that are put in by the souls who are working for these abundant individuals? Is there fair distribution of the profit garnered by the industry, the company, the business? Are the employees treated fairly in terms of what they deserve as co-contributers to the progress of a company, an industry, a nation? A company comprises of the minimum of two individuals. You may say that you are self-employed. That is never true. How can you sell a service or sell something to yourself and pay yourself for it? You are always employed by someone. Your world’s buy and sell method of using money works this way. You need a product to survive therefore you give money to someone who has this product in order to acquire it. Now, where do you get the money to buy this product? You work. Work as in, you contribute your time, energy, mind, skills, etc. to a certain company or at the minimum, to an individual who gives, pays you money for your time, energy, mind, skills, etc. And you use this money which you call salary or pay, to buy other products that you need or pay individuals for their services such as domestic helpers, repairmen, car mechanics, hairdressers, etc. It is how your world works. More or less, you can call this teamwork. The whole world is one big game plan–

The Game Plan. That was the movie on TV last night. So cute.

–where you have laws, rules and regulations which everyone abides in order to have order and peace. But all of you must know that these laws, rules and regulations are not foolproof.

22 July 2014

What do you mean, God? Not foolproof?

Is it not obvious, child? The world’s game plan is for each individual to enjoy his or her lifetime every time they return to your world. Is it not obvious that this is not so? The gap between the abundant and the poor is so wide in many of your countries that it will take millenniums to bridge it. I say “bridge” because the chasm is so deep it will not be completely filled up in order for it not to be obvious anymore. In fact, I should not even call it a chasm. It is an abyss. An abyss between the rich and the poor.

It’s that bad, huh?

I can feel your disappointment, God.

I Am only feeling what you are feeling, child.

Then you must have felt what I felt when Mum showed me that video of two boys scavenging for bits of bread on the roads of their war-torn country. They were abandoned by their mother and relatives. One of the boys said that his family was a big one and all of them abandoned both of them. He said this matter-of-factly while picking bits of I-don’t-know-what from the rubbish-infested ground and putting it in his mouth. Dear God, help them! And that’s exactly what they said when the interviewer asked them whether they were worried for their well-being. The boy said that God will take care of them. Help them please, God!

I could, child. If I had a body and mind like you.

Sarcasm is not exactly appropriate now, God.

I Am not being sarcastic, dear one. I Am merely stating a fact. Only you can help you. I have provided all of you your physicality in order for you to realize the purpose of your souls. Realize as in to make real. To make real is to take action. To move. To do something. Something. Anything to help others realize THEIR PURPOSE. Those boys were sent to your world in order for all of you to open your eyes to the actions and doings and most importantly, the beliefs that are not working for all of you. When the body is suffering, so is the spirit. So change your priorities. Seeking power, seeking superiority, trying to show the world who is more powerful is causing suffering to souls who have come back to the same lifetime over and over again. You are slowly and painfully killing your world. Killing each other. Stop killing each other. See each other as God.