The Rejected Clams

The Rejected Clams17 July 2014

A couple of weird things happened on Monday. Firstly, the pack of clams at the supermarket. Secondly, the July 14 hoax and thirdly, which I forget.

Okay. Let’s start with the pack of clams.

Right. I was at the supermarket’s second floor. This is where all the dry goods are displayed. Where you can browse and get stuff like toiletries, detergents, paper products, canned food, soft drinks, breakfast cereals, etc., etc. I happened to pass by some shelves of boxed cookies and noticed a cling-wrapped styrofoam plate of fresh clams on one of them. I thought, “Uh-oh. Someone must have taken it from the first floor.” Where the fresh food are. They must have brought it with them on the upper floor, changed their mind about purchasing it and just left it there. I inspected it and noticed it was wrapped that day. I was about to take it so I can return it to its shelf when I go down, when a staff and a lady appeared. I stepped back. The lady pointed to the tray of clams and said something like, “There. You see. Someone just left it there. Better throw it away. Might be rotten.” The staff nodded and said something which I can’t recall, took the tray and disappeared with it. I suppose she returned it to where it belonged or disposed of it. I continued with my shopping and thought no more of it until today.

So now, I suppose you are asking what is the purpose of the incident.


Alright. Firstly, compare what that lady did to what you were thinking of doing with that rejected tray of fresh clams.

Alright. I was thinking of taking that rejected tray of fresh clams and returning it to its shelf because it wasn’t really expired yet. But if it had a past date I would have probably brought it down as well and given it to one of the supermarket staff to dispose of because like what that lady said, it might be rotten.

Alright. What about that lady? What did she do?

Well. She must have seen the tray. Decided to fetch a supermarket staff and passed the responsibility to the staff on what to do with that rejected tray of fresh clams. It looked that way to me, anyway. Because that lady’s body language looked like she wouldn’t have touched that tray with a ten-foot pole. Like she didn’t want to be responsible for it, you know.

I know, child. There are some others who, when it comes to other people’s mistakes, would rather wash their hands in helping to amend or correct them.


Fear. Fear of being accused of being an accomplice in a wrong-doing. Fear of looking bad to others. Fear of losing their dignity. Fear of losing their reputation. Fear of making the same mistake. Fear of–

Okay. I get the idea. But it was just a tray of fresh clams. What’s the big deal?

You know very well that we are not talking about just a tray of fresh clams. That incident is simply a point of reference. A metaphor. Your life problems would be easier to understand in discussions by using points of reference or metaphors instead of beginning these discussions from thin air. It will be retained longer in the soul as well. So what do you think that tray of fresh clams represent?

It was a rejected tray of fresh clams. So, I’m thinking they represent mistakes that we make in our lives?

Yes! Now, there are those in your world who observe and notice mistakes by others but do not want to be responsible in amending them. They would rather leave it to others who are in authority or representatives of government bodies who they believe are in a position to have the power to make such decisions. This kind of mindset is not of The New World. In The New World, all of you are aware that each of you are responsible for decisions made with regards to how your world will be a better world. Especially for future generations. That lady is representative of the mindset of The Old World. In your case–

In my case, I was about to take that tray–in fact, I was already holding it when they suddenly appeared. I quickly let go coz they might think it was me who left it there. I had the intention of bringing it downstairs myself and returning it. So what You’re saying is–The New World mindset is that we are all responsible for each other’s decisions as well as mistakes.

I would not go as far that, child. The New World mindset should be–help each other in times of trouble. You are not responsible for the mistake of another but at least have the compassion to help this person amend it in such a way that the consequences he or she is facing will be less painful. Do whatever is in your power to ease the discomfort. Is that not what friends are for?

That’s a song.

Songs are the best tools for God’s messages.

Yeah. I agree. Okay. Now, can we talk about the July 14 hoax?

Alright. What is the July 14 hoax?

Someone posted a fake declaration online saying that the President declared July 14 a public holiday.


That was the day of the World Cup final.

Ah. Did you read it?


So how do you know it was a hoax?

Well, first of all there were grammatical errors which I think the President is not capable of and–

There you go. Hoaxes and scams are easily proven to be as such because there will be obvious discrepencies, maybe not in the beginning but it will show as the hoax or scam goes along.

I guess everyone knows that. So what’s the purpose of this incident?

Do I really have to spell it out for you?

Um…no. Not really.