The Apology

8 July 2014

News item on TV Patrol last night: A lady was accused of being a shoplifter when she stepped out of a supermarket. She protested at the accusation, saying that she paid for the goods and that her mother, who had gone somewhere else, had the receipt. The security guard didn’t believe her. That’s when she started to make noise, attracting the attention of the other shoppers. The security guard asked her to follow him to the security office. She refused vehemently, causing even more of a furore. Luckily, that’s when her mother appeared and showed the purchase receipt for the so-called shop-lifted goods. Abashed, the security officer whispered his apologies. The accused was not happy with that. I can’t remember the rest of the news but what I understand is that a representative of the supermarket came to her doorstep to apologize officially for the incident. For her, this still wasn’t sufficient. She wanted a public apology in the media or something like that. Which I think, the supermarket will comply with on July 15. So, why did You bring this to my attention, God?

Do I have to have a reason every time I bring your attention about something?

Yes. Everything has a purpose, remember?

You are just a messenger, remember?

I remember. So…I guess, You want me to publish this?


Right. Aren’t You even gonna explain what it’s all about?