The Prisoner


Alright! Alright already. You’ve been bugging me with this for the past couple of days, God. Fine. Let’s talk about this.

Go ahead.

Right. There was a documentary my brother was watching the other day. I happened to see a segment of it. I didn’t watch the whole thing coz I was getting ready to go out. It was about juvenile deliquents who were in a program where they were brought into a real prison and immersed in the real life situation there. These teenage boys were selected to go through this program coz their parents or guardians couldn’t control them. I leave it to your imagination what sort of behaviors they’ve been up to considering the fact that even their own families couldn’t control them anymore. Anyway. The program included law enforcement officers who worked at the prison as well as some inmates who were doing time there. The segment that I watched was when the inmates were harrassing these juveniles to the point where they ended up in tears. There were times when the officers themselves were also intimidating them. Disciplining them. Then later on, one by one, the inmates told their life-stories to these kids of how they ended up in prison. By relating (more like scaring them with) their life experiences, these kids might realize how they’ll end up if they keep getting into trouble. Eye-openers, so to speak. Then after the heart to heart talk, the kids were brought into another room where the officers brought their attention to another inmate. He looked like a teenager like the kids themselves. One of the officers told them that this young inmate was actually like one of them. He attended this same program more than a year ago because he was a troublemaker himself. Now, he was in prison for real for assaulting his mother. Like the other inmates, he related his own life story. He said, “Just like you, I never thought I would ever end up here.” Yeah. I agree. After all that harrassment, disciplining and scary life stories, I would have thought that kid would have turned a new leaf. But he still ended up in prison. So I’m thinking, scaring these kids into being good will not work.

There is no good or bad, child. Only–

Only what works and what doesn’t work.

The out-of-control behaviors of those teenagers do not work in your society because they are against your laws.

One of them was a pyromaniac.

Remember what I said about supporting kids and their passion? You commented about this to your brother.

Yeah. If only the parents would support him with something which he’s really passionate about, he wouldn’t get into trouble.

And what did your brother say?

He agreed. Maybe the parents could involve him in projects with the Fire Department or somewhere where he can be useful, since he is so fascinated with fire. I thought, yeah–that’ll keep him occupied and it’ll probably be in a lab where the scenario will be controlled.

Fear may deter the young from getting into trouble for a while but if the soul has an agenda, which is inevitable, nothing can stop these youngsters from creating their reality whether they end up in prison or not. Each soul has an agenda and each soul has a purpose in each of its lifetime. You have been through thousands of lifetimes, dear one. Do you think you were a prisoner once?

If you say thousands, then I probably would have.

How about future lifetimes?

If my soul has a purpose for being a prisoner then most likely, yes.

And usually this purpose is to help others. In order for you to help others in your world, you have to experience what those others have experienced or are experiencing. Now the question is, by being a prisoner, how can you help others?

Like those inmates, they can show themselves as examples to those who might follow the same path. An example means a guide which others may or may not follow. Like Neale’s saying, The New World leader doesn’t say, “Follow me.” The New World leader says, “I’ll go first.”

Exactly what you’re doing now, child. Every word that you have put out into the world are words that you have more or less experienced first.

Yup. And thank God, they are words from experiences that aren’t so serious like being burned at the stake, or being tortured or crucified or–

Shush, child.

Sorry. But I’m wondering, in the old days, as in the really, really old days, why did messengers go through such horrifying experiences in order to accomplish their purpose?

To you, now, they are horrifying. To those people in the really, really old days, it was common. As in, it was acceptable practices. Civilisation has come very, very far since then and more or less have acknowledged itself as a more compassionate, a more tolerant, a more forgiving, a more loving entity.

Which I am grateful. Or else I’d probably be having a cup of tea with You in Your realm at this moment. Which, as much as how inviting that may seem, I’d rather be where I am right now.

Rightly so. And by the way. My realm is also your realm. But you’ll only understand that when you have left your realm.

Can’t wait. Oops. I mean…oh never mind.