Two Birds

Two Birds2Today


There were two birds at the bus stop just now. They seemed hungry and since I happened to have some pancake buns I threw a piece at them. One of them picked it up while the other made a loud noise as if saying, “Give it to me!” And the other bird did. I threw about three or more pieces and each time the one who picked it up gave it to his noisy companion. I spotted my bus, so I threw one last piece. I thought, “That’s yours. Eat it!” But as I stood up, I saw that it was given to the noisy bird again. As I think about it now, that bird was being a martyr. Self-sacrifice to the point where he must be starving himself. Those are birds, God. They do not know anything about “What you do for yourself, you do for another.”

Their souls do.

Animals have souls.

Well, let us just say that their souls are under my jurisdiction. I Am everything, remember? And that is not called self-sacrifice, dear one. That is called kindness, empathy, compassion, love.

But what about that bird who didn’t eat anything?

What about it?

It will die of starvation.

No, child. It won’t. It is called survival instinct. If that bird does not have a plan to die yet then it will try its darndest to survive. Once its companion is sated then it will probably forage for food for itself. And probably to its heart’s content and without guilt.

Everything has a purpose. So what’s the purpose, God?

That in a relationship, you may rely on someone for support. But keep in mind that each of you need to seek your own truths in order to live your purpose. None of you are beholden to the other to survive. You can make sure someone is provided for or is well, but you are not obligated to do this for the rest of your life. Otherwise–

You will be betraying yourself.

Yes. And once that happens, you will never live your purpose and experience the joy that I have bestowed upon you. I did not put you in this realm to suffer. Or worse, to serve another and suffer. To give joy to others, you have to have joy yourself. You will never have joy while you are always betraying yourself. What a waste of a lifetime.