All of God’s Creatures

God's creatures2
Happy Fathers Day!


Animals must be free like we are free, correct God?

That is correct.

If we don’t have zoos or bird parks or animal parks or such places, then how are we to learn about animals and how to prevent them from going extinct if we don’t have such places?

Let Me answer that with another question–why is it that it is the animals that have to be brought to humans instead of the other way around?


Yes, oh. Animals are where they are (in their natural habitats) because they thrive there. That is what they know, love and understand. Humans are the ones who are able to move around independently, what with your transportation and vehicles. Is it not better to learn about your creatures when they are in their natural homes? Natural environment? Instead of creating it for them? Which will never fully replicate them. And as you say, these enclosures or cages of animals are supposed to teach you about preventing them from going extinct. But are they working? Are they preventing the dwindling numbers or extinction of your animals? Only you can answer these questions. I Am not telling you to destroy all your zoos and animal parks as of today. That will cause chaos in your environment. Always take baby steps. Step by step. Being aware that something is not working is the first step. Putting into thoughts solutions to the problem is another step. And each step may take years and years and years to create into reality. Being aware is a good enough start in taking care of your world.