Locks of Love

Lock of LoveToday

Everything has a purpose, right?


So what’s the purpose of a bridge of love-locks collapsing?

Utter foolishness.

Woah. Very profound. Thank You.

It’s sarcasm. I’m learning from the Best.

Thank you. I say utter foolishness because it is one of your creations–

Not my creation. I’ve never been to Paris.

–which does not serve any purpose.

Yes, it does. Lovers lock a padlock on the railing of the bridge and throw the key into the river as a symbol of their locked love for each other.

Is it working?

What’s working?

The act of locking their love with a padlock on that railing of that bridge and thereafter throwing away the key into the river which must be full of rusting keys that it has now probably made that river toxic.

Oh-kay. Honestly? I don’t think it’s working going by the high rate of divorce cases in the world. And um…You sound frustrated.

It is you, child. You are frustrated.

Why should I be frustrated?

Because you look at the picture of that bridge and you think of the things people do to make sure their relationships work and yet they do not do anything to make their relationships work. Not all of them. Going by the divorce rates, most of them.

Believe it or not, I actually understood what You just said.

What did I just say?

What You said is that those padlocks of love are metaphors for wanting to make relationships work. And wanting is wishing, isn’t it? Basically all those locks are symbols of couples wishing their relationship will work and last forever. Now, those locks may be there forever and never move. But most couples do. Couples move around, they live their lives. Day to day, there are challenges and trials that crop up side by side with the joy and wonders of living life. As a couple, there are decisions that need to be…well, decided, so that their lives run smoothly as much as possible which is impossible because life is never smooth, depending on the outlook of the couple about life and the world at large. They might even have forgotten all about that lock they locked on that bridge because of trying to live life the best way they can. Which is contrary to the condition of that lock which is never-changing (except for the rust), never moving. And unlike that lock which just hangs there forever (or until it dissolves in a couple of millenniums) people change. Couples’ outlook on life change as times change and it will keep changing because that is the agenda of each soul. The agenda of the soul is to seek its own truth. Along with this seeking is the need for change. The need to change in order to seek the joy of the soul. That padlock is the worst symbol to use for never-ending love.

You sound like you know what you’re talking about.

I’m divorced, remember?

I remember. So what symbol do you think should be used to symbolise never-ending love?

You mean what to replace those locks on that bridge?


I have no idea.

Yes, you do.

Fine. I do. But it’s a stupid idea.

Excuse Me? I put that idea in your head–

Sorry! Anyway. Love is God, right?


I’m thinking the best symbol of a couple’s love is to stick a stalk of flower on that railing.

Flowers don’t last, dear.

Its soul does. God is everything, right?


Then flowers along with plants and trees have souls, too.

Let us not go so far as that. Let us just say that nature is My creation, shall we?

Okay. No problem. So. Anyway. My future love and I (doesn’t hurt to have faith) will stick a flower in that bridge as a tangible symbol of our intangible love for each other. The flower will wither and die which is symbolic of our physical body here on earth. The memory of that flower existing there for that period of time, which is intangible, will live on forever. And one more thing–the wilted flowers getting washed away by the rain will also be symbolic of our souls returning to You. And besides, it won’t make the river toxic.

That is quite romantic.

Thank You. And just imagine how that bridge will look with all those flowers stuck to it instead of those locks!

Yes, it will be quite pretty.

And romantic.

And romantic.