Suffering in Silence


The Unspoken Truth should never be spoken, right?


Can it be texted?

What brought this on?

Well, someone texted “suffering in silence” a while ago. And I know these words are from my latest post on my blog. My blog is all about The Unspoken Truth, isn’t it?

Yes, it is. Someone texted you the words “suffering in silence”?

No. To my daughter.

So why should it concern you?

Well, because as much as possible I don’t want her to get hurt in any way because of my purpose.

I understand. Why do you think this person texted the words “suffering in silence”?

Maybe to know whether my daughter is aware of The Unspoken Truth.

Is your daughter aware of The Unspoken Truth?

Well, I thought she did. But when she was perplexed why someone texted her those words I realize she’s not. (Huh? So weird. What’s she talking about?) She’s not aware of my blog or my tweets. Or maybe she simply has chosen selective unawareness.

There you go.

What? I haven’t gone anywhere. I still don’t understand.

You called this incident to yourself in order for you to know that you were wrong in your assumption that your daughter is aware of The Unspoken Truth and that she chooses to be unaware of it. So what did you do when you realized what those words were about?

I tweeted them. I tweeted, “Suffering in silence. omg.” That was the complete text.

Why did you do that?

I had to let this person know that I am aware of what she’s trying to do.

What is she trying to do?

She’s trying to find out whether my daughter is aware of The Unspoken Truth.

Why does she need to know that?

Maybe because she is unsure of where she stands with my daughter. I’m sure there are a lot of girls who are my daughter’s friends who feel that way. I am very, very concerned that they may treat her as a pariah because of my purpose.

You are judging, child.

I’m sorry.

There is good in everyone, remember?

Yes, I know.

How is your daughter? Has she shown any signs that she is being treated as an outcast among her friends?

No, not really. She’s very jolly and crazy here at home. These days we treat each other like sisters instead of mother and daughter. I love her to death.

Well then, everything seems to be fine. Most mothers worry about their child and how they are coping in the real world. Like I mentioned before, there is good in everyone. And you must know by now that any event or incident that happens in her reality has a purpose. And that she has called these events and incidents to herself in order for her to express the grandest version ever she held of her highest self. And that is to be God. To express herself as God.

But she doesn’t know that. She’s chosen selective unawareness, remember?

Well, then. This is the perfect time for you to subtly incorporate The New Spirituality philosophy when she comes to you for help. Does she come to you for help when she has a problem?

Oh yes. When she comes home from school, I haven’t even unlocked the padlock on our grill doors and she’s already off a mile a minute with what happened in school that day.

Communication. Your relationship as a mother and teenage daughter is off to a good start. In order for The Old World to transition into The New World, the line of communication should always be open especially when it comes to relationships. And all of you are related to each other. The core, the DNA, the nucleus, the raw make-up of this world is the family–a man, a woman and a child. If there is no communication within this basic unit then all other communications will fail–

No way! There are a lot of dysfunctional families in the world and it hasn’t really affected the world that bad, has it?

Why are you asking me, child? Your eyes are open to the problems of the world, are they not? Is there not clear evidence that the problems in your world right now are very much related with the upbringing of every child? Do you think that those who kill, kidnap, abuse or are violent to others had a joyful and lovey-dovey upbringing? Any psychologist will tell you otherwise.

I stand corrected. Actually, I’m sitting down. Anyway. To get back to my initial question–can The Unspoken Truth be texted? Can it be discussed by two souls online?

It really depends on the purpose of the discussion, does it not? If the purpose is to bring enlightenment then it is very much ideal to use the Internet to discuss The Unspoken Truth. But if it is to cause harm or to try to bash the philosophy then it will only cause hurt and aggravation to the recipient which may have unfavorable consequences to the parties involved. As I have said before, the Internet is a very powerful creation. It is your creation. It can be used to bring light or it can be used to bring darkness. You are what you create. And so, to answer your question–yes, The Unspoken Truth can be communicated online. Isn’t that what you are doing now?

You mean, my blog and my tweets?


If communication means I’m posting and tweeting without really relating to anyone else except myself, then yes, I am communicating.

Sarcasm at its best.


Being a messenger can sometimes be a lonely purpose. Especially when you are the harbinger of something that is not commonly accepted by all. It may even cause you harm. But we have chosen this era for a reason. All of you call it Freedom of Speech. Although, I notice there is still some resistance to this concept. I will call it The Fisik concept. The Fisik concept is the opposite of Freedom of Speech. It is the belief that some words are harmful and that the target of these words, the victim, takes to heart the harmful meaning and therefore the user or the culprit using these words to express themselves may be punished for doing so. It is a concept that may take a while to eradicate.

A while as in about a couple of millenniums from now?

It would be presumptious for Me to say this but at the rate we are accomplishing what we are accomplishing, dear one, we may just be able to do it in one.