9 June 2014

Okay, God. What’s up?

What’s stuck, you mean.

I know. You showed me two today. One was that article in the newspaper about that poor, poor man who got his arm stuck in a pipe of a shower drain for more than 12 hours. He still had part of the pipe stuck to his arm when they ambulanced him to the hospital. And then just a while ago, You showed me that news item on TV Patrol about a child getting his leg stuck for three hours in a floor drain. He had part of the drain still stuck to his foot (or her? Not sure. I was watching from the kitchen) when they brought him to the hospital. Both stories were so similar I knew something was up. So what’s up?

Nothing is up, child. But there certainly is something or someone stuck.

Uh-oh. Here we go.

Where are we going?

Never mind. Please continue.

Thank you. Now tell Me–why did that poor, poor man get his arm stuck in that shower drain?

Well, the article mentioned that he was trying to retrieve an object that probably fell in it.

Why do you think the newspaper didn’t disclose what that object was?

I don’t know.

Yes, you do. I already put the thought in your head.

Fine. Maybe that poor man requested it.

Why do you think he requested it?

Maybe coz it would be really embarassing?

Why would it be embarassing?

Maybe because the object he was trying to retrieve was inconsequential. It wasn’t worth the suffering he went through to retrieve it.

And that would embarass him?


Please look up the meaning of the word “embarrass.”

Sure. Okay. “Embarrass” means “to cause confusion and shame to; make uncomfortably self-conscious; disconcert; abash.” Sample sentence: His bad table manners embarrassed her.

Make uncomfortably self-conscious. When someone is embarassed he is making himself uncomfortably self-conscious. What was your recent embarassing moment?

Most embarassing? Well, it’s not that recent. It happened about a month ago. It happened twice actually. You see, I like to listen to music on my iPhone when I’m riding the bus when I send or fetch Rene from school. Only in the bus. It feels funny when I listen when I’m walking around. Besides, I might miss Your messages via people’s conversations. Anyway. Once I’ve boarded the bus and sat down is when I’ll bring out my phone and earphones. At one time I put the plugs in my ears unaware that I didn’t plug the jack into my phone. It was just lying on my lap. The jack, I mean. I kept adjusting the volume and pushed it all the way to the max. But it still sounded muted. It took me several seconds to realize the jack wasn’t plugged in. “Oops. Sorry,” I said aloud to no one. I felt my face flush with heat and my forehead and upper lip breaking out in cold sweat.

So did everyone stare at you? The music must have been really loud.

Yeah, it must have been. But surprisingly, no one turned around to stare at me. So after that I just shrugged it off.

Why do you think no one reacted?

I sensed that there were a couple of passengers who did notice the noise but they just pretended that nothing happened.

Do you think they knew who you were?

You mean me being a messenger?


I think so.

Then why do you think they did not mind you at all?

Maybe because they’re polite people. Or maybe because they’re used to some people, like teenagers, who play their music aloud. It has happened many times before.

You’ve come across such teenagers? Teenagers who play their music aloud?

Oh yes.

So what do you usually do?


Even when the music is insufferable?


So you suffer in silence.

I guess so.


Coz I don’t want to cause trouble.

That’s the trouble.


Some of you suffer in silence to avoid trouble. Neale has another term for this.

Yup. “Betrayal of yourself in order not to betray another is betrayal nonetheless. It is the highest betrayal.” So what’s this got to do with being stuck?

You tell Me.

Okay. Um…Someone somewhere is suffering in silence because this someone does not want to betray another so this someone betrays himself and that is why he is stuck somewhere.


Thank You.

You’re welcome.



So what about the other stuck story? That kid who got his foot stuck?

Oh, that is just to get your attention. You read that poor man’s story while you were out and about, didn’t you?

Yeah. I was reading the papers while waiting for Rene’s eyes to be checked.

And it already slipped your mind when you came home. So I had to get your attention again. And as reliable as a messenger as ever, you did.

Yup. I did. Thank You.

You’re welcome.