Teacher’s Pet

Teacher's Pet2


I tweeted, “Although there are those who are always in one period. Most likely it’ll be fear. Funny how you can stay in fear all the time but you can’t with joy.” Why is that, God?

Why you can stay in fear all the time but not with joy?

Yes. Why?

Did I not say that joy and fear are a perfect combination?


Well then, once a soul chooses joy, fear will always be combined with it because you cannot know joy without knowing fear. Fear as in sadness, loneliness, anger, etc. And since your soul has experienced joy, it will do so again. Joy is addictive. Once you experience it, you will want to experience it over and over again. You may do so if you wish. Like I said before, those who are now aware of The Truth will usually have joy as their platform. Look up the word “platform” for Me please.

With pleasure. It has several meanings. This is the one that shouted at me-a set of principles or plan.

Upon knowing the truth about Me (that you have nowhere else to go but return to Me, etc.) your set of principles or plan now run on joy. Which is Me. I Am joy. You are aware of My presence in your life all the time or most of the time. I Am with you always. Fear will be hovering in the background of this platform because you cannot know joy without fear. But whatever fear which suddenly pops out at you from the background will not be sustained for long because you are aware that everything has a purpose. You are aware that every event that occurs in your lifetime has a reason for occuring. And that is to enable you to express the grandest version ever you held of your highest self. And that is to be God. And how to be God? This is how: In moments of fear, you will usually be faced with making a decision. You can either choose joy or fear. Actually you are choosing both. You are choosing joy and fear at the same time. By choosing joy, which is a First Thought from Me, you may be going against rules and regulations which incur fear as you are choosing. Breaking rules and regulations can be scary. A choice based on joy will be from the soul. And as you know, the soul is free. It knows no rules or regulations. It may seem that you are not choosing joy at first because fear exists as you are choosing. When you are choosing joy, you will not usually be aware of the outcome or the result or the consequence while you are in the act of choosing. You may have expectations. Which I prefer that you do not practise because it will only engulf you in fear while you are waiting for the outcome or the result or the consequence of your choice or your creation. Having no expectations will guarantee an outcome of joy. Why? Because you were not expecting anything. Here’s an example: If you were expecting for someone to give you an apple but he gives you an orange instead, you will be disappointed, will you not? The best thing to do is to not expect getting an apple or an orange.

Wait a sec. What did I do that I would be expecting to get any fruit at all?

Good question. I just put an image in your mind. What is it?

An apple on a teacher’s desk.

Yes. Now why do you think there is an apple on that teacher’s desk?

Her pupil must have given it to her.

Why? Is she hungry?

No. As a gift. Maybe the pupil likes her a lot.

It could be that. Or it could be the other way around. The pupil wants the teacher to like him.

You mean a bribe?

That’s a bit harsh. It has an underhanded connotation. Maybe the pupil simply wants to be liked. Let’s just say it is an offer of friendship.

Okay. So the pupil has an offer of friendship and puts it on the teacher’s desk on the way out as he leaves the classroom at the end of the school day.

Couldn’t he have given it first thing in the morning when he comes in to the classroom?

No way. If I had a crush on a teacher, I wouldn’t want to be around to see her, I mean, his reaction after I’ve given him my offer of friendship. I’ll be so nervous.

Makes sense. Now, the question is–do you think the teacher was expecting it? Was she expecting the offer of friendship?

I don’t think so. Unless she knows that the pupil has a crush on her.

Let’s say she does know or she senses he has a crush on her, do you think she’ll be surprised or shocked by the offer of friendship?

Maybe not. No, she won’t be shocked or surprised.

Okay. Now let’s say this teacher has a–

Stop right there. I know what You’re gonna say next. This conversation is getting weirder and weirder by the typed letter.

This is to help others create their reality, child.



Thank You. Now let’s say this teacher has a crush–

Oh man.

–on the pupil as well.

(To be continued…I think)