Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach2Today

Bondi Beach.

One of my beautiful creations.

Yes, I know. I’m not talking about the beach. I’m talking about the show Bondi Rescue on Nat Geo channel. My brother was watching it the other day. It’s a reality show about Australian lifeguards. This episode I happened to watch was about a group of them training their counterparts in Bali.

So what about it?

Well, I don’t usually watch stuff like this on TV. But this episode seemed to have me glued that day. Why did you bring it to my attention?

Alright. I put a thought in your head when you were watching it. What was it? Can you remember?

Yes. I was thinking, “What a gratifying job, being a lifeguard.”

Why do you think that?

Well, you not only get to enjoy nature at its best but you’re also keeping others safe and saving lives even. There were a couple of near-death incidents during the episode. If it weren’t for the expertise and experience of the lifeguards, many lives would have been lost. And at a time when these people are simply enjoying themselves. And you can tell the revived and resuscitated were ever so grateful to these lifeguards who risk their own lives to save theirs. A very gratifying job, don’t you think?

I don’t think, child. I know it is gratifying. I know it through you and many other messengers.

Oh no. That’s it, isn’t it? Bondi Beach Lifeguards are metaphors, aren’t they?

Metaphor for what, dear?

Don’t pretend, God! You know exactly what they’re metaphors for.

Just say it, child.

Fine. Lifeguards are metaphors for messengers of The Truth.

Yes. This world, as I have said many times before, is your playground. I have put all of you here, in order for all of you to enjoy yourself. But in the course of enjoying yourselves, there will be injuries, aches and pains, some discomfort. Those are the fear aspects of life which is necessary because you cannot know joy without its opposite which is fear. But some of you have let these accidents and injuries take full control of your lives to a point where you are no longer enjoying this playground I have given you.

Like that dude who was so distraught that his leg was gonna get amputated coz it got sliced by the tail-fin of his surf-board. At the beach, the lifeguard assured him that it will not come to that, as in his leg getting amputated. But later on, the lifeguard admitted to the camera that it was the worst wound he has ever seen that was inflicted by the surfer’s own board. But he couldn’t possibly admit that to the victim or else it would have traumatized him even before he got to the hospital. And this lifeguard did admit and explain this to the injured afterwards. He had more than 50 stitches on his leg. All’s well that ends well, so to speak.

Metaphorically, that lifeguard was a messenger of the truth. That nothing happens in this world without a purpose. He did not convey fear on the injured which probably saved that person’s life as well. That dude, as you call him–

Surfers are dudes, man.

–had strength from that lifeguard’s reassurance that the situation wasn’t as bad as it would seem. Which is true of life as well. Everything has a purpose. After you create, there will be a consequence. Whatever consequence you receive, whether you perceive it to be bad or good is just that. You perceive it to be bad or good. What about you, how do you perceive all the consequences you have experienced so far with regard to your truth?

Good, of course. Even the bad is good. I mean, I know that each and every consequence has a purpose. And they are for my good. Whether they are bad they are good. Um…that’s the best I can explain it. If you can call that an explanation.

I Am God. I Am everything. Ye are gods. Therefore whatever you create is of God as well. What other consequence can there be when you are gods who are personifications of love itself who create nothing but love and therefore each creation’s consequence could only be derived from nothing but love?

Oh wow. That is so much clearer, thank you.

You are definitely getting the hang of sarcasm, aren’t you?


No, don’t be. There are others out there who are still unclear about the “Ye are gods” concept. And do you know what is the culprit of this doubt?


Yes. Doubt. Doubting that ye are gods means you are doubting everyone else. And once you doubt someone, you mistrust this someone. Therefore, as much as possible you will not have anything to do with this person because you fear being hurt by this person. You are letting this fear of this person imprison you from relating to the world and expressing and experiencing who you really are. Isn’t that sad?

Yes. Especially when you have been appointed as an official messenger. I mean, lifeguard. Oh man. Which is it, anyway? Lifeguard or messenger?

They are the same, child. A messenger guards the life of others from being wasted being in this realm.

Oh, Dude. That’s deep.

Thank you.