A Gentle Revolution


God, if everything is created from love then why do we need messengers to rescue anyone?

What is the opposite of love?


Does everyone choose love instead of fear?


No. Some of you choose fear all the time and therefore are not able to live life to the fullest. That’s what messengers are for. Messengers are guides on how to live life based on love.

Then fear is not of God coz You say everything is love.

If fear is not of God, then what is it, child?

There is no such thing as the devil so it cannot be that.

It cannot be that because fear is also of Me. Love and fear must co-exist in order for you to know which is which. You cannot know love or joy without fear. But your world is in trouble now because of the belief that in order to survive in this world fear must be used to rule and regulate everything. Do you think it is working? This rule and regulations based on fear?

No, I don’t think so. I just have to read the news to know that.

Exactly. To know that fear does not work, you have to experience it first. It is now time to try and experience love and see whether it works. As a messenger, do you think it’s working?

I think so. I can feel the change. It’s ever so slight but I can still feel it.

You are one of many messengers for the gentlest revolution this world will ever experience. Do you trust Me on this?

I trust You with everything.

I know, child. I know.