God’s Life Language



Goodmorning, dear one. You’re early. And bright-eyed and bushy tailed I might add. What’s up?


Name one.

Well, this gizmo I’m trying out right now. I bought a cover/keyboard for my iPad mini last night at the mall (before watching X-Men…Magneto, I loooove you!!!). Actually, I bought it for mum. You see, she’s always typing stuff on her iPad using a stylus coz of the sensitive keys on the screen. I thought she might find this external keyboard useful. When she tried it last night she didn’t like it very much. She preferred the one she was used to. So I’m using it now.

How is it?

Awesome! Now, I won’t get cross-eyed from looking at my iPhone’s small screen for too long and getting finger cramps. And taking down Your messages at 3am won’t be such a hassle. Mr iPad and Mr iPhone are my bedfellows (like everyone else…don’t deny it!) At first, when mum turned it down, I thought, “Oh man, that’s 89 bucks down the drain!” Coz I use my iPhone more when I’m talking with You or tweeting. I can do it anywhere. In the kitchen, in the living room, while watching TV, in the…ahem, bathroom. And it looks like I’m just fiddling with my phone or playing an app or something. No one knows any better.

Doesn’t your family know about your blog or twitter?

Of course, they do. But the thing is, I think they’re wearing blinders. As in selective unawareness. Or they do read my stuff but we don’t talk about it. As in, we all know it exists, but it’s not for everyday conversation. I think even my daughter knows about my blog and tweets. We simply don’t talk about it.

That is because your souls are already communicating. There is no need for verbal words when it comes to soul language.

Yeah, exactly! That’s why I have the nerve to tweet or blog anything I like.

That is because the soul is free, child.

Freedom! Yay. But then, I dread the day when someone WILL speak The Unspoken Truth in my face. I don’t know what I’ll do.


Nothing what?

Do not do anything. Do not speak. Do not acknowledge whatever has been spoken if it is The Unspoken Truth. It is called The Unspoken Truth for a reason. It is never–


Once it is spoken, as in literally speaking these words you are typing now, then that is when the misunderstandings begin. Because these words are from the soul to the soul. They are meant for other souls. Soul language is complex and yet soul language is simple. By simple, I mean, words that you use today. Colloquial words. But the meaning is too complex to be literally spoken. Hence, the misunderstandings.

Simple and complex. Hm…like You. Like God.

Precisely. Soul language is God language. Have you ever heard My Voice?


You have?

Yeah. In my head. He He.

No. I have never “heard” Your Voice. As in, my ears have never heard Your Voice. As how I would talk with my mouth to a friend.

I speak Life Language, child. I spoke to you just now while you were riding the bus.

Yup. I heard ya. Loud and clear.

What did I say?

I was looking out the window when, across the road, a bus going the other way passed by. It had a picture and a couple of words on the side. It was the picture that boomed at me. It was a smiling man in a safety helmet with a thumbs-up.

What passed through your mind when you saw it?

Well, not the exact words but more like a feeling.

Put it into words for discussion’s sake.

Okay. It said “Good job, Joy! You’re doing fine!”

Yes! Exactly! Yes.

Thank You. Likewise.

I said something else. What was it?

Yup. Another bus rode by. It had another picture on it that boomed at me. It was a beautiful young lady. Her hair was covered with the rest of her sari. And she had the most moving expression on her face.

What did I say?

“On behalf of all, thank you very, very much.”

I couldn’t have said it better Myself.

This is crazy, God. No one will believe me!

Do you believe it?


Then that is all that matters. Belief in yourself is belief in your Self. Your Self is Me. You are Me living in this world. And I Am everything. Aside from your souls I Am in control of everything else. Life is the gizmo I use to speak to all of you. Now that this has been revealed along with many other powers you have within, many will be aware of it. The key now is in this question, “Do you believe?” And once you believe, your soul will not hesitate to create it’s purpose. You hesitate because you DO NOT BELIEVE.