24 May 2014

Let’s talk about rejection, God.


What?! What do you mean no? You said I can ask any question. You said, bring it. You said–

Settle down, child. You asked whether we can talk about rejection. That is what I just did. I rejected you.

Ohh. Oh I see. Haha. Very funny.

I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.

I am. I love “talking” with You about anything and everything.

That’s what I’m here for. So you wish to talk about rejection.

Yes. I was just watching TFC’s The Voice Kids. And well, I felt sorry for one who got rejected. Actually, he wasn’t really rejected but none of the coaches pressed the buzzer and none of them turned their seat around before he finished singing. That means none of them felt he was qualified to continue on the show. He’s a kid so it was natural to see him in tears as he stood there feeling dejected. The coaches sort of felt his heartbreak so all of them went on stage to console him. He was even asked to sing another song but because of how sad he felt he simply couldn’t sing anymore. Somehow the scene just felt awkward.

Alright. That is a good example of rejection. So what else do you want to know?

Well, this kid was 11 years old. Do you think kids his age should go through such an experience? Being rejected, I mean. I’m asking coz You once said that kids are too young to be aware of the problems of the world.

Getting rejected in a singing contest is a problem of the world?

No! That’s not what I meant! What I mean is–

I know what you meant. You are asking whether or not children should be protected from such experiences.

Yes! Yes. That’s what I meant.

You are a mother. You have children who are around the same age as that child, yes?


Tell Me–have they gone through such experiences before? As in rejection.

Oh yes. My daughter is in the school choir. A couple of years ago the choir was to be in a competition in Sydney. She was among those who had to audition in order to be able to go along. She didn’t get it. She came home and bawled her eyes out. I tried consoling her and cheering her up but it didn’t work. She was feeling really, really bad. All she wanted was to sulk in the bedroom.

Which means you left her alone.

Yeah. I felt she wanted to be alone so I left her alone.

How long did it take for her to get over the rejection?

Actually, she was fine the next day.

Kids with self-esteem intact will easily bounce back to their usual self. Each child is different. And each child is influenced or usually model their outlook on life after their parents. You have been rejected before, have you not?

I’m 51 years old, God. What do you think?

I think you are wonderful.

Thank you. Um…what has that got to do with rejection?

You have been rejected countless times and yet here you are still standing.

No. I’m sitting actually. It’s tiring to type while standing. Besides, my varicose are getting very bad–


Sorry. I just don’t wanna talk about myself at the moment.

And I know why. You are being rejected right now, aren’t you?

No big. If it’s the agenda of the souls of the rejectors then it’s their agenda. There ain’t nothin’ I can do about it.

Exactly. What happened to that 11-year-old child being rejected in that singing show was also the agenda of his soul.

No way. Seriously?

Does a child have a soul?

Like duh.

Well then, even children’s souls have agendas. I put a thought in your head earlier about the reason why that child attracted that rejection to himself.

You’re kidding, right? No way did that child want to be rejected. He wanted to be chosen so badly he was already crying during an interview before he went on stage.

Precisely. He was sending so much want into the universe that the universe replied in kind. Maybe even more. The more you want the more you want.

That’s a meta! That’s the word of the day.

Good. What’s the–

Meaning of meta: pertaining to or noting an abstract, high-level analysis or commentary, especially one that consciously references something of its own type.

The key words there are “referencing something of its own type.” Wanting something or someone is referencing to wanting something or someone to the universe.

Ooh. It think that’s another meta.

Do you see it?

See what?

The arc?

Arc? What arc?

The arc that goes back and forth to the universe. Our universe is infinite. It is never ending. It goes back and forth. Whatever you send out to the universe will be sent back to you. You want something therefore that is what you will receive in return. Wanting. The feeling of wanting. As long as you keep wanting that is what you will be feeling. So how do you stop from wanting?

Create something.

Exactly. To create something, you have to put your thought of wanting into action. That is what your body is for. Think, create, be. Thinking and wanting are the same. Wanting is a thought. Therefore if you WANT something, the next step would be to CREATE that something and therefore BE that something.

But God, that kid also created something by auditioning for that show.

Did he audition alone? Did he go to the studio alone?

What? No, of course not. His family was there backstage during the show. And during the pre-show interview, his mother was beside him. In fact, both of them cried when they were saying how badly they wanted to be in the show.

There you go.

I don’t understand.

You say his mother was also crying when she was saying how badly her son wanted to be in the show.

Oh no. That’s double the wanting vibes being sent to the universe, isn’t it?

If the whole family is wanting the same way then that’s multiple the wanting. That boy will never stop wanting. As long as the family is wanting he will be doing the same.

Oh no. Then what can he do?

Unfortunately, for now there is nothing anyone can do. Only when the time comes when he becomes aware of his Power Within will he be able to let go of the want. And I know exactly when that will be.

I hope it’s soon. I felt really sorry for him. But what about the other kids, God? Those who sailed through? I’m sure they had feelings of wanting as well.

Do you think so?

Well, except for that last contestant. That little “girl on fire.” For such a tiny ten-year-old she seemed really confident. I think if she had been the one rejected she would still have been smiling from ear to ear all the way back to her mommy’s arms.

That would have been a very good example of NO EXPECTATIONS. She came, she conquered and she would have left with a trail blazing behind her. Do you know why?

I think I do.

Say it, child.

Belief in herself.

Exactly. If you believe in yourself the universe will believe in you. And if you believe in yourself, you will not hesitate to create your reality because you believe that the result is for the good and not the bad. Life always conspires with you, not against you. Whatever the result, it is from the universe. The universe is Me. It is you and Me. Accept what is and move on. The key word is “move.” Move as in create. And preferably leaving a blazing trail behind you.

Like a girl on fire?

No. Like a soul on fire.

Oxymoron. A soul can only be on fire if it just came from hell. But since there’s no such thing as hell–

Go to bed, child. It’s late.

Actually, it’s early. Early in the morning. It’s after midnight–