The Message is Love, Always.


I struggled with a tweet last night.

Which tweet, dear?

This one: “J.T. If I tell you T stands for Thirties, can you guess what J stands for? Justin in his Thirties.”

I know, child. I had to coax you a few times but eventually I knew you would. Tell them why you struggled.

This is to help others, right?

Of course. Why do you think we are having this conversation?

To help others.

Well then.

Okay. I struggled with the initial thought of that tweet actually. Not the tweet itself.


Because You told me in my head, the Voice in my head told me that the J stands for something else. Not Justin. Something else that might turn out to be untrue. I hesitated with it because I was afraid others will laugh at me. I thought of ignoring Your message. But You gave me the message before going to sleep. In fact, I was already in bed. “Ignore it,” I said. “The thought will be gone by tomorrow for sure.” But then it nagged at me and I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep! “Don’t do this to me, God! Justin will laugh at me!” So to be sure, I checked him out in Wiki.

What did you find?

A couple of there-you-go’s also known as “non-coincidences.”


Well, his pic boomed at me. You know, that feeling you get like you’ve known a person before. That’s one. Two, he’s a philanthropist who usually involves himself with children’s charities and the like. And three, his paternal grandfather was a minister. And four, his wife’s name starts with J.

That’s a lot of non-coincidences.


And yet you struggled with the tweet. You hesitated several times.

Several? Excuse me, I did it after the third reminder.

Pardon Me. You hesitated a FEW times. So why did you hesitate even after those non-coincidences boomed at you?

I don’t know!

You do know. You were afraid you might be “wrong.”

Yeah, I guess.

Were you wrong about MJ?

About MJ having two souls? No. Especially now that kind souls have created their realities in order to fulfil The Plan. Thank you, kind souls!

Yes. Thank you, My beloveds.

Woah. God just thanked some kind souls. Awesome!

Not just some, dear one. I Am thanking ALL OF YOU. Whether you have created The Plan or not. I Am a patient God. You are all my children. Some children are eager to play, some are not. Some may be bold, some may be shy. It doesn’t matter. You are all My children. I love all of you.

We’re…um…getting a little mushy, God. Can we like get back to the business at hand?

You’re right. Business is sometimes emotionless, isn’t it? Which is what people prefer rather than delving into emotions or the spiritual aspects of life. Your politics, your commerce, your jobs, your daily chores, etc, can sometimes be emotionless. They are distractions from the real you. The real you are your souls. Believe Me when I say that your world is in trouble right now because it is your souls that are neglected the most.

I hope that doesn’t include me.

No, child, that doesn’t include you and a few others who have realised the importance of nurturing the soul. You are here with Me everyday, are you not? We are “talking” everyday, with or without this gizmo that you are using. We are talking in your head all the time. We are talking and we are creating. Your soul is definitely not neglected. You are growing and heading towards your purpose everyday, every hour. In fact, you have accomplished a lot in so little time. I Am proud of you.

Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without You. To You be the glory.

Thank you. And since I Am you–

Yup. No need tell me. Methinks we’re blowing our own horn too much. Can we please get back on track?

Definitely. Now. Where were we?

Why I hesitated about Justin’s tweet.

Right. So what happened when you finally created the tweet?

That’s just it. It was when I was creating the tweet, as in typing it out, that I realised what it was that You wanted me to tweet.

What did I want you to tweet?

A joke. I mean, it was supposed to be a funny tweet. I hope so, anyway.

That tweet was supposed to bring joy and a lesson at the same time. The joy was in the wittiness of it and the lesson was about how not to expect anything. When the reader begins to read the tweet, a thought passes through his or her mind. They think the J stands for something else which is in relation to your truth. But as soon as you revealed the answer, the reader realises he or she was “mistaken.” He made an assumption that was different from the revelation.

And the revelation was harmless. Well, that’s what it felt like after I typed out the whole thing. I even laughed at myself for hesitating. I was actually pleasantly surprised and amused by it. I hope the reader was too. Hope Justin goes on Twitter.

Why do you think he’s in that video?

Yay. Anyway. What exactly are you trying get across here, God? What lesson?

The lesson is that whatever your soul desires are messages from Me. I put that tweet in your head because it had a purpose. The purpose is for the topic of this conversation. It is what your soul desired. The desire of your soul is your purpose. I know exactly what your purpose is in this lifetime. Those messages are hints or clues to the next step you are to take with regards to accomplishing this purpose. They are little nudges to get you moving on to creating your reality. It is normal for you to be a little apprehensive because these nudges are from Me, from your soul. Your souls often disregard rules and regulations because your soul is free. It is normal to think that what your soul is telling you might get you into trouble because that is what your mind is for. Your mind houses fear so you are able to distinguish what is not fear. And what is not fear?


Joy. Love. I Am love. I Am joy. And since those messages, those nudges are from Me, then they are sent to you with love. Try not to keep ignoring or pushing aside these messages of love because they are for a purpose. You have a purpose. All of you have a purpose. And that is to bring joy and love to each other. What other purpose could there be but love and joy?

Right on. Flower power. Peace. Make love not war.

Are you mocking me, child?

NO! I’m trying to lighten the mood, God. I know that there are others out there who are uncomfortable with lovey-dovey stuff. Like my dad. Rene loves to hug but dad will have none of it. It’s not that I’m judging him or anything but that’s the way he is. He’s not a touchy-huggy kind of person. Maybe that’s why he’s so grumpy and irritable.

You see what happens when there is a block? When someone is blocking My love to be passed on to another soul? Fear begins to seep and reside in the soul. Therefore, fear is heeded instead of love. That is where the grumpiness and irritability are coming from.

But I can’t change dad, can I? And subconsciously Rene knows that too. So he doesn’t try to hug him anymore. I see Rene patting him on the back or touching his arm instead. My son just has too much love in him he has to give it away. In whatever way he can. He suffocates me with it sometimes. I love it. Same with my daughter. Although she has her moods. Sometimes she’s like a leech I can’t pry off and sometimes I’m like a human-sized cactus. But that doesn’t mean love can only be shown by touching. To me, it sort of enhances it or reinforces it. Anyway. Love my kids. All kids. Oops. Now, it’s my turn to go off track.

Child, you know very well that I Am always in control of our conversations. Even the topic or the lesson.

I know. This morning I was trying to decide which topic it’ll be. Martial law again? We already did that the other day. Military coup? Deadlock? Getting arrested for dancing to Happy–

Whichever topic, you know that the message I wish to convey will always be put out there.

Ooh. You used my phrase.

That I did.

Awesome. So what is the message for today exactly?

The message is love. Love one another as much as I love you.

I do. I try, anyway.

Good enough.