Sorry. I’m late today. I was talking to a friend.

What about?

It’s sort of…um…private & confidential.

I Am God, remember? I know exactly what it was all about.

I know. What I mean is, it’s not the kind of stuff that needs to be put out there. As in, for other people to know about. Coz it’s other people’s problem. A family problem. I have to give them some privacy.

Why the sudden change?

Sudden change? I don’t know what You mean.

You know exactly what I mean. You’ve been putting a lot of stuff out there about others since Day1.

Me?! We’re in this together, remember?

I Am just teasing you, child. You are not alone in this.

Hm…That sounds familiar…Wait a sec. Oh yeah. It’s a sign at a shop in a mall which always booms at me every time I pass by. It says, YOU CAN’T DO THIS ALONE. I think it’s a furniture shop or something. It has something to do with not being able to renovate your own place by yourself. You have to hire others to help. It’s a sales pitch.

It’s not just a sales pitch, dear one. It’s the truth.

Oh man. Do we always have to relate everything to THE truth? It’s getting really boring.

I didn’t mean that.

Yes, you did. Don’t lie.

Fine. I lied. I did mean it. The thing is–is this how far my truth is gonna get? Blogging and tweeting and tweeting and blogging. B-O-R-I-N-G.

I can’t blame you, child. Others are also getting restless as to how, where and when your truth will go to the next level.

Yeah, me too. But I don’t want another caterpillar falling on me again so patience is my middle name. Actually, it’s Monreal–

I gave you that name.

You did? I thought I chose that name. Along with Joy and Reyes.

I Am You–

Say no more! I’ll say it for You. I chose my name which means You chose it for me.

Exactly. All of you choose everything about you in order to accomplish your purpose in this world. You chose your name to tell the world who you are and who you really are. Do you know why?

I think so. I chose Joy coz my purpose is to promulgate the True God who is joy. Monreal is derived from the name of the city Montreal which means it’s better for you to check it in Wiki. And Reyes is Spanish for “kings”. Ooh! I’m a king.

No, dear one. You were a princess.

Ooh. That’s even better. No wonder I like the colour pink. Coz if you go to a toy store and ask where all the princess toys are, they’ll tell you, “Just look for all the pink stuff.” Ha ha.

Sorry. I’m typecasting, aren’t I? There are a lot of things that need changing in this world. Typecasting is one of them. Dic says typecasting is “to stereotype.” Sample sentence: He realizes now he’s been typecast as an executive errand boy.

Stereotyping is presuming a person to be what he is in the present based on what he is perceived to be in the past. The past is your remembrance of something. You have typecast anything that has to do with pink as being feminine. Even your metaphor of flowers for the female gender and trees for the male gender. And why do you do that? It is because all of you prescribe certain traits or characteristics to a thing or a person so that there is no confusion. It has become your rules and regulations. And you do know that rules and regulations are your souls’ prisons, do you not?

Yes. But God, if we didn’t have rules and regulations then there’ll be confusion everywhere. We don’t want confusion.

Child, even WITH rules and regulations there is still confusion. The world is in the state it’s in BECAUSE of confusion. Confusion about The True God. All of you are confused about Me. And since all of you are confused about Me then all of you are confused about yourselves. About who you really are and what life is all about. And what is life? Life is God. I Am life. All of you are confused that is why you came up with rules and regulations aka stereotyping. If this was like this last time, then it should be like this now, today. You are boxing yourselves within what was in the past. Remember what I said about change? Everything, everything around you is changing. Ever changing. You are changing. Your bodies are changing. Every time you return to Me and come back to this world, you change. Depending on what it is you want to accomplish at that moment in time. In order to gain experience in this world you have to be lacking in that experience so you can therefore experience it. How can you experience something when you have already experienced it? That is why I have given you the gift of birth. Newborns have no experience. Have no knowledge of the world and everything in it. You start from scratch, so to speak. Scratch means to “to erase, cancel, strike out, or eliminate.” Before your return here, I erased, cancelled, eliminated everything that you have experienced in your previous lifetimes so you can experience them all over again depending on what you want to accomplish in that particular lifetime. Is not that a wonderful gift?

Wonderful, awesome gift! So awesome that how I wish I knew what I’m gonna be in my next lifetime!

That’s a good example of an oxymoron.


I meant that in a good way, child. Your world is a world of opposites. In order to accomplish what you want to be you cannot be that. Be not so you can be that. In order to be courageous you have to be afraid. In order to be happy you must first be sad. To have peace there must be chaos. To be wise you must be simple. Through experiencing what you are not then you can be what you want to be. And why do you want to be what you are not?

I have no idea.

Yes, you do. I already put the thought in your head.

It’s cliched. Cliches are boring, remember?

Cliches are old and worn, aren’t they? As from the past?


Well then, you cannot have the present without the past. So you still need boring cliches in order to change the vibrant present, do you not?

I guess so.

So, I’ll ask again–why do you want to be what you are not?

To. Help. Others.

There. Was that boring?