Martial Law


Two words: Martial Law

One word: Control

Yeah, someone has to or there’ll be no end.

No end to what, child?

To the chaos.

What chaos?

You should know! You’re God. You know everything.

Of course I do. But do you?

Yes, of course! My job, I mean, my life demands it. My purpose involves what’s going on in the world right now. And besides, if you’re not bombarded with news from around the world these days, you’re probably in a god-forsaken hole somewhere.

Those words should be removed from your vocabulary. I will not forsake anyone or anything. And I Am everywhere. Even in little holes.

Sorry. Anyway. As I was saying, our technology is so advanced that anything and everything that’s happening in the world is within reach or at your fingertips with a click of a button anytime, anywhere.

Not all the time, child.

What do you mean?

How about when you’re asleep?

Well, of course not. You’re asleep. You can’t click a button when you’re asleep. Unless you’re sleepwalking.

Are you a sleepwalker?

No, I don’t think so. Otherwise my family would have noticed.

How can they? Do not all of you sleep at the same time?

Well, yeah. But You know what I mean.

No, I don’t know what you mean.

Aargh. What I mean is if I’m sleepwalking I’m bound to make some noise or something and that’ll wake someone up and notice that I’m sleepwalking.

What if they are all heavy sleepers?

Why? Why are You contradicting me on this? Isn’t it just a metaphor? Sleepwalking, I mean.

It’s not a metaphor, child. It is literal. It exists. It exists in your world. You have many sleepwalkers around you. The eyes to their souls are shut to the problems in your world. Do you know why?

Because they are…they are…um…


God said it! Not me!

You’ve been too good to Me, child, so once in a while I’ll take the brunt of negativity for you.

Thank You. How kind of You.

You’re welcome. So–sleepwalkers are souls who prefer to close or shut their eyes to what is going on in the world because they feel safe within their own little holes.

You mean “world.”

No. I mean “holes.” When you say world, it usually has light, does it not? When you say “hole” it usually does not receive much light. That is why sleepwalkers in little holes have the eyes of their souls shut because they refuse to let in the light. They refuse to let in the light because they feel safe in their little holes. Now, do little holes remain little forever?

As far as I’ve experienced, no. I remember there’s this small tear in my bedsheet a few months ago. I kept ignoring it until finally it became a gaping hole that I had to use another piece of fabric to patch it up. Quite unsightly now. Too bad, coz it’s my fave.

Nothing ever stays the same in your world. Everything is ever changing. Even your bodies change. It kept changing and evolving and changing and evolving until it is what it is today. No one can stop change. You can delay it. But you can never stop it. Delaying change has detrimental effects.

Like what?

Like that country who has just declared martial law. If the parties concerned had a chance earlier on to come face to face and had a chance to resolve the problem then it would have not come to this point in time. It would have just been an internal affair. Meaning, it wouldn’t have gone out to the world the way it has now. As it is, the neighbouring countries are now worried that this turmoil will escalate to a point where the rest of the region will be affected. But it is of no use talking about what could have been. Everything has a purpose. Lesson learned. Everyone can now exercise The Law of Retraction. There are no such things as mistakes. You cannot change anyone, the change has to–

Um, God? We’re sort of going into cliche country here.

Ah yes. You’re right. Let’s get out before it bores everyone to death.

Yeah. Cliches are boring.

Meaning of–

Say no more. Cliche means “a popular or common thought or idea, that has lost originality, ingenuity, and impact by long overuse.”

Yes. What happens when something has been used for very long? It has had long overuse.

It’s gets worn out, I suppose. It depreciates. It gets tattered and torn.

Like your clothes.

Oh man! Why’d You have to bring that up? It’s embarrassing.

Precisely. Would you wear your tattered and torn clothes out on the streets?

I would if I was really poor and I didn’t have any other clothes.

You’re not poor and you have other decent clothes.

Fine. I won’t wear them out on the streets. I only wear them at home.


Well, coz they’re comfortable. And besides only my family can see me.

What if there are visitors?

Well, then I’ll change quickly.

What if you don’t have time?

Then I’ll tell them to come back?

What if they don’t come back?

Then that’s their problem.

So you will never know what they came for?

I guess not.

So you close your eyes to their purpose of visiting you?

I suppose so–why are You suddenly in super-interrogation mode? I was just asking about martial law! Geez!

I can feel your frustration, child.

Oh no. Here we go again. It’s the I-shouldn’t-send-frustration-vibes-to-the-universe thing again, isn’t it?

Yes. Little holes with big frustrations will not work in the universe. You’ll only receive the same thing.

I understand. So I suppose the solution is for everyone to meditate.

No. Meditation should be like brushing teeth, remember? It should be done regularly. The solution to the problem of your martial law is–

It’s not my law.

–for someone to give way.