fire engine19 May 2014

God, what’s with the word RESCUE this morning? I saw it at a playground. It was written on a slide shaped like a red fire-engine. Who needs rescuing?

Who do you think?


Yes. He is so way above his head now that he needs to be rescued.

But who? Who will rescue him? Please don’t say it’s me.

No, child. You’ve been trying to rescue him since Day 1. Only he can rescue himself.

But how?

The slide.

The slide. It’s a metaphor, isn’t it? Metaphor for what?

Something already went through your mind. I put it there.

I know. When a plane makes a crash landing, an emergency slide is deployed at the exit doors so passengers can slide down one by one on to terra firma. But what I saw was a fire-engine. A red fire-engine.

Fire-engines are needed for emergencies, are they not?

Yes. But I don’t think anyone would work all these out just be reading my tweet.

What are you doing now?

I’m talking to You.

What about?

About the word RESCUE on a fire-engine shaped slide at a playground…Oh. I see what you mean.

What do you see?

That in order to find the answers that I’m perplexed with, I simply have to ask You.