14 Days


God, my 4 days of observation of silence to honour souls who are sacrificing themselves by heeding their agenda in order to accomplish The Plan ends tonight.

That was a mouthful, child. You could have just said, “It ends tonight, God.”

It ends tonight, God.

Did I not boom a number at you yesterday?


Say it then.


Well then.

Okay. There are so, so many heroes after all. 4 days ain’t enough.

Who are the heroes?

Those souls who are creating their realities. The protestors who are bringing awareness to our intolerance, selfishness, injustice, abuse of power, etc. Those officials who died in a plane crash who are bringing awareness that whatever our status in life, it’s upon death do we realise that we are equal. Our souls are equal. Our souls are one. Those flood victims who are bringing awareness that natural disasters are a means for us to help each other. Those extremists who are bringing awareness that belief in a God that is separate from us is not so good (understatement of the millennium x2) especially when it victimises the vulnerable. Those countries who have environmental and animal rights issues. Those who are–

Enough, child. I know who those heroes are. They are ALL OF YOU. Some may take longer to heed their souls’ desires. Some may jump on the bandwagon without any care for their own safety. Some may step up with caution and some may never step up at all. All of you have an agenda. Your free will will decide when it will be done. It may be in this lifetime or it may not.

So the next 14 days are to honour all souls?

No, child. The next 14 days are for you. You need the rest and other souls need the time to reflect on all the messages we have sent since Day 1. Everything is laid out on the table.

What table?

Sorry…Wait! I know what table.The table of luuuurve.

Love! The table of LOVE.

Good name. Those messages are all from Me sent to all of you via My messengers. And who Am I?

You’re God. And God is LOVE.

I Am God. I love all of you. Will you do the same for Me?