11 May 2014

My kids are vandals.

I’m serious! Their school books, notebooks, pencil cases, erasers, toys, even their own bodies. They write nonsense on them.

You too.

Me? No, I don’t! I used to when I was younger. Not anymore.

Yes, you do. Every morning. Before you leave the house.

No–Oh. You mean makeup. That’s not vandalism. Vandalism is “deliberately mischievous or malicious destruction or damage of property.” I am not deliberately destroying my face every morning.

Aren’t you? Your bodies are already beautiful. Even without makeup or enhancements.

Blame society. Anyway. They say that makeup simply enhances what a woman’s already got.

Says who?


Experts who are employed by multi-billion cosmetic companies which–

Stop! I think I already have an idea where this conversation is going.

Shall we end here then?

No! We were talking about vandalism, not makeup.

They’re the same, child.

Makeup and vandalism are not the same. Vandalism is to destroy and makeup is to enhance or beautify.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Aargh! What You’re saying is–it depends on how you look at it.

Yes. Meaning of “destroy” please.

Destroy – “to reduce (an object) to useless fragments, a useless form, or remains, as by rending, burning, or dissolving; injure beyond repair or renewal; demolish; ruin; annihilate.”

Now, can your makeup be removed?


Has your face, your complexion, your hair, your whole being–has it been destroyed after you remove your makeup?


Do I really have to answer that?

No, you don’t. We already know the answer.

But what I’m trying to say is–with vandalism, the intent to destroy is there. Their objective is to destroy or damage public property.

Does the public property get destroyed after vandalism? Is it rendered useless after it has been vandalised? Has it been destroyed beyond repair? Has it been annihilated? Will it be–

No! Well, somewhat. The markings or material used to vandalise will be painted over or removed with some chemicals or something. In most cases the function of the property is not affected, maybe just the aesthetic aspect of it. But it is the intent that is the main concern of the authorities or the government. Whoever is caught guilty of such deeds are severely punished. Jailed and caning.

What is caning?

It’s a form of punishment that is similar to whipping.

Why so severe, child?

I don’t know. Well, actually I do know. The punishment’s objective is to deter others from doing the same.

Has it deterred others from doing the same?

Um, well. I actually brought this up coz there’s just been a recent incident which–

So it hasn’t deterred others from doing the same.


Do you think it will deter others from doing the same?

No, it won’t, child.

But why? I don’t understand why these vandals still do it. And I’m sure they’re aware of the punishment. Because there was such a case many years ago that became international news because the leaders of both countries sort of got involved in the matter. It’s probably even in Wiki. So what makes these vandals so bold as to even try it?

If it’s from the soul, nothing can stop it.

No, no, no, no. Vandalising is certainly not from the soul.

Does the soul know rules or regulations?

Oh man!

It is against your laws to vandalise because it is against your laws to vandalise. It is your rules and regulations. The soul wishes to express itself in any way it can. Vandalism can be a form of expression. A form of protest. If the soul knows that the normal channels of protesting its cause is not getting attention or answers, then the soul will create another way that will get attention and answers. And breaking your rules and regulations by the soul will certainly get attention. And you yourself are certainly familiar with that situation.

Well yes, but it was for a good cause.

Does everyone think your cause is for a good cause?

Um, no. There are others, many others, who are not exactly into my cause.


Because it goes against–

Rules and regulations. Vandalism is basically the same thing. You will be surprised that there are others who are behind the vandals and their cause. And there are those who are against their way of getting attention but agree with their cause. And yet there are also those who are against their cause and also against their way of getting attention. Whatever way, it is always based on your rules and regulations.

So since You say vandalism is from the soul–

Everything is from the soul, child.

No. There are things that are from the body and mind. And that is completely different from something that is from the soul. The soul is joy. Creation from the body and mind is from fear.

If you didn’t have your body and mind, how will the soul create? The body is the vehicle in which the soul creates. The fear that you are talking about are based on your rules and regulations. The soul experiences fear because the body is hindered from creating its reality by rules and regulations. Your soul is in fear of the punishment once it breaks these rules. In truth, your soul does not know fear but it experiences it as well via the mind. The mind cannot function without the soul. And vice versa. The soul is courage. Courage is what tells the mind to set aside the fear of breaking rules and regulations. Fear is all in the mind, as the adage goes. So to get back to your question of–why these vandals are so bold as to even try it, you have already answered your own question.

Yeah. I just realised it. Bold. They are so bold as to even try it.

And since it is against your laws to vandalise, then these souls will be punished based on the laws you have created.

I didn’t create them. So now, the question is–how do we put an end to vandalism?

You can’t. Has capital punishment stopped all of you from killing each other?

No, child. You’re still killing each other. And here we are talking only about vandalism.

So harsher punishment is not the answer.

No. The only solution to the problems in your world is of the spiritual kind.

You’re saying vandals should take up spirituality.

Not just the vandals, dear one. All of you. If all of you treat each other as spiritual beings, acknowledge each other as souls instead of just looking at each other based on skin colour, gender, status in life, past life, deeds and actions, words spoken, etc. In other words seeing each other as Gods, then this world will have less crimes, less judgments, less punishments, less fear and more joy.

You don’t get hurt or damaged in anyway, right God?

That is correct.

Then may I just say, not trying to be disrespectful or anything, but I think what You just said is verging on delusional.

If that is the thought you are sending to the universe about Me then that is what you will receive in kind. I Am you, you are Me. Therefore–

Fine! I totally, a hundred percent, irrevocably agree with what You just said! And it shall be done! A couple of millenniums from now all of us will be looking at each other as spiritual beings. Thank you, Universe!

Good. Your thoughts and your words have been received. It shall be returned in kind.