Boundary Lines


Two words – Boundary lines

One word – Illusions

Are they? Are they illusions?

Before I answer that, first tell Me what this is all about.

You know what it’s about.

I do, child. Say it for discussion’s sake.

There are countries who are getting on each other’s nerves because of boundary line claims near their country’s surrounding territories. It’s a case of – “That’s in my boundary or in my area. You’re not allowed to do that there. Otherwise I will punish you.”

Alright. So to answer your question: are boundary lines illusions. In this case, they are. They exist but they are not tangible. Are there tangible demarcations, as in does one see a fence or obstacle which act as boundaries between these countries’ territories?

You mean in the ocean?


No. Of course not. It’ll look ridiculous.

Why would it look ridiculous?

Because it’s just not done.

Then maybe it should be done.

What? You mean build physical fences in the ocean to demarcate whose area is whose?


That’s crazy.

If you think about it hard enough, it may be the best solution for these territorial disputes. Anyway, child, how do these countries know that the other is violating territorial jurisdiction?

Well, I guess countries have agreements on whose area is whose.


I don’t know! Maps, drawings. Illustrations, maybe. I really don’t know.

You don’t know because these countries’ authorities also do not know for sure whose area is whose. Unless one can prove with concrete evidence the allotted areas agreed upon by the affected countries then this issue will never be resolved. My advice is for these countries’ representatives to meet face to face, try to find the tangible agreement that was agreed upon or come up with a new one. We have stepped into the age of The New World after all. Don’t you think it is time for new beginnings as well? If that is not possible, then at least renew the existing ties with new agreements. Communication is all it takes. Nothing resolves itself. Each country must put aside anger, resentment and antagonism if they do not want this issue to become worse. I observe that the dispute has already seeped over land as well. Not just in territorial waters. It’s a case of “my country is not happy with your country so I am not happy with where you come from either.” See what I mean by the rapid multiplicity of fear?

Yes. I see what You mean. There was an incident of a violent confrontation and a couple of kidnappings. Although, I’m not really sure whether the underlying sentiments are related to the territorial disputes.

All of you are related, child. You are all ONE. We are all one. What affects another affects you. It may not be direct or immediate but it will affect everyone of you. Somehow, someday.

Yeah. I can already feel it. One just has to read the newspaper or go online to feel it. Kidnappings, random stabbings, disasters, accidents, vandalism, racism, climate change, poverty, corruption, scandals, sexual abuse, abuse of power, abuse of women–

Enough, child. You don’t have to tell Me. I know exactly what’s going on. In the meantime, what are you doing about it?


What for?

All I’m doing is typing out a bunch of words and posting it online. Hoping that I’m bringing others back to their souls.

Here we go again.

Go where?

Going on self-pity mode.

I’m not feeling sorry for myself. I’m feeling sorry for those souls who have to suffer in order to show others the problems our world is facing.

Did you hear what you just said?

What did I just say?

There are souls out there who are suffering in order to show others the problems your world is facing. That is the purpose of all these suffering and problems. To show others. To bring awareness to others. In turn, you become aware of them and then you bring awareness to others by typing a bunch of words online so that others will become aware of them. Do you know that there are others out there who want to know why all these are happening? And then upon reading your bunch of words their souls will say, “Ah! That’s the purpose! Now, I know.” And it gives them peace of mind. It gives them clarity and some may even make the effort of trying to solve the problem. Not the main problem perhaps but whatever is possible within their power at that moment in time. This conversation alone is helping others by way of guidance and reassurance that there is a way to resolve the problems in your world. These bunch of words, this is your work now. This is your purpose. This is your life. Do you agree?

I guess so.

YES! Yes! I agree.

Why the doubt, child?

Never mind. I know why. There are others out there who doubt, therefore you doubt yourself. I believe in you, dear one. And who Am I?


I Am you. You are Me. So if you doubt your–

No! No, I don’t doubt You. Never would I doubt God. Ever!

Then do not ever doubt yourself.

I’ll try.

Good enough.

So, are we done?