Grapes & Raisins


This conversation actually happened between me and my daughter. After lunch, we had fresh grapes for dessert which she turned down. She had ice cream instead. I tweeted:

Mum, I don’t want d grapes.

U don’t want healthy, u prefer junk.

Grapes r raisins. They’re wrinkled.

I’m wrinkled.

You’re not a fruit.

God, what’s with the grapes and raisins? Are they metaphors?

Yes. What went through your mind?

That when it comes to creating reality some people prefer the wrinkled. The old way. As in rules and regulations.

Correct. Now, explain to Me the “healthy and the junk.”

Me? I started this conversation to ask You about it, remember?

I Am you. You are–

Aargh! Fine! Fine. The healthy is the spiritual as in the soul while the junk is–

Never mind. By this time, I’m sure your readers already know what is junk. And even though you have lived the junk, the wrinkled, you now have followers who believe in the grape, The New Spirituality.

Cool. I hate to ask why I’m not a “fruit.”

Then don’t ask. Tell. Tell them.

I’m not a fruitcake.

No, you’re not.

There are some who would not agree.

Only time will tell, dear one. Only time will tell.