A Boo-Boo


I made a boo-boo in one of my posts, God. You dictated: “The rules of moral conduct do not apply to the ways of The New World, The New Spirituality.” But the rules of moral conduct as indicated before this statement was: “Love God with all your heart, soul and strength. And love your neighbour as you love yourself.” Are You saying I don’t have to do that in The New World?

You already do even before The New World began. And you are now that The New World has begun. (Sort of.)

Then why did I make that mistake?

There’s no such thing as a mistake, child. Everything has a purpose. So now that you realise that that phrase doesn’t work, did you change it?

Yes. But now those who noticed that phrase will doubt my authenticity as a messenger.

Do you care?

A little.

I understand, child. If you didn’t care a little, your posts would contain words that I would not wish for others to read. You are always heeding your soul. Even phrases that do not fit in your posts. Therefore, it is only fitting that I tell you the reason why I dictated that phrase that does not work. To prove to anyone who has spotted the “mistake” that you are merely taking dictation from Me. You have no idea or no overall understanding of what you are typing until after it has been posted. How many times have you read your own post before you realised the “mistake”?

I’m not sure. It’ll be the 5th time this morning, I think.

Why do you keep reading your own posts over and over?

Because I’m trying to figure out who it’s for. I mean, who it’s for with regards to my purpose.

So have you figured out?

Yeah. I had to ask You, remember? Like the way I’m asking You now. In this conversation.

Do You believe Me?

Like duh! Of course!

Of course. You are My messenger, after all.

Yup. And loving it.