From Point A to Point B

bon voyage2Today

A missing plane…A sinking ferry…Derailed subway trains. What’s going on, God?

What’s common?

Common? Oh. They’re all means of transportation.

Yes. Why does your world need transportation?

So people can move around. To get from point A to point B.


Why? Oh man. Lots of reasons. To go to work. To get home from work. To find work. To buy stuff. To visit family and friends. To run away from family and friends. To–

Whatever reason, your world needs transportation.

I know that. But why are they suddenly in the news? I mean, people dying and getting injured because of disasters or accidents when they are on the move. When they’re travelling?

Your world has invented transportation to move around. But is the moving around benefiting anyone? Is it of benefit to humanity?

Of course! People will not be able to know other people in other places or other countries if it weren’t for transportation. World leaders and business people will never be able to communicate face to face without transportation.

Communication. Remember what I said about your communication?

Yeah. We have invented so many gizmos in order to communicate but misunderstandings still abound.

Yes. The same goes for your transportation. Most of you are well-travelled. You visit places to gain knowledge of other places, races, cultures, traditions, religions, way of life, etc. You uproot yourself from your country of birth and relocate in another hoping for a better life. A prosperous life. Many of you have done that. Here are questions you should think over as deeply as you can before answering: ARE YOU TRULY HAPPY WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW? Do you understand what your life is about? Or is there a misunderstanding about where your life is headed with regards to where you are right now?

Are those questions for me too?

Yes. But you must think about them deeply before you give Me answers. Consider all the aspects of your life. The people you are with, the activities you do everyday, every hour, every minute, every second of your waking moments. Are you truly happy? Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, are you doing it for someone else? For yourself? For your family? For your family’s families? For your friends? For strangers–

Um, God? Sorry to interrupt but exactly where is this going?

Thank you. You’re right. This is going nowhere. Because those questions have too many facets to be considered before being given concrete answers.

Why are You asking those questions anyway?

Because there are those in your world who would rather stay the way they are even when they know they are not happy. And yet they may say, “No one is really ever happy. So why bother? Why bother budging from where I am right now? I would rather be sad and miserable here rather than muster up the courage to create my reality somewhere else.” But I tell you, child, creating your reality does not necessarily mean moving physically immediately. Remember what Neale said about fear and caution?

Yeah. He said, “There is a huge difference between fear and caution. Caution moves forward with care, fear stands still, paralyzed. Avoid paralysis at all cost. It is not good for the soul and it gets you nowhere.”

Creating one’s reality is scary because you are heeding your soul. The soul knows no rules and regulations. The soul is free. Creating your reality sometimes goes against rules and regulations. Rules and regulations all of you have invented to maintain peace and order because most of you are coming from fear. If all of you created your realities from your souls, from Me, since the beginning of time then we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Rules and regulations will be non-existent. But it is no use talking about what could have been. What is important now is for all of you whose souls have finally found The Truth (which is all about the True God, the True God who is free) to free yourselves. I Am free. So are you. Confining yourselves within the rules and regulations of your old beliefs while your souls are struggling to be free is living a lie. You are lying to yourself. You are lying to others who know The Truth of The New World. But worst of all, you are lying to those who are truly seeking The Truth. Why? Why do you keep doing this to yourself? Do you think you are being a hero? Being a martyr? Suffering silently while others around you are pretending life is as it was before? Once you have discovered your power within it will never be like it was before. Peace may seem to reign on the surface but there is a dangerous volcano about to erupt beneath that surface. Heed your souls now before it is too late. I know the agenda of each and every soul in your realm. That is all I will say. I know. You do not. Not heeding your souls’ desires now may seem easy to do but just remember that the anger and resentment all of you are feeling now are due to the fact that you did not heed your souls’ desires in the first place. Your situation now is the consequence of not heeding your souls. Not heeding My messages.

That sounds like a very ominous warning, God.

I Am not trying to scare you, child, or anyone for that matter. Your world is changing. If you are not feeling the change around you then maybe it is because you are centering too much on yourselves without caring for what is going on with the rest of the world.

You mean, we are being self-centered?

You said it, child, not Me.

Yes, You did. Your words just had less sting, is all. But that’s okay. I’ll take the brunt of negative reaction for You anytime, God. I’m Your warrior, remember?

I remember, child. You may need reinforcements soon. What with the onslaught of happenings in your world, you (and a few others) may be overwhelmed with trying to save it.

With You, we can do anything.

You’re a brave soul, I know that. But your body’s not exactly made the same.

Hey! No fair! If I have to march into battle like Joan of Arc, You know I would!

You did.


Never mind.