Misuse & Abuse


26 April 2014 Saturday 6:31pm

God, mum just showed me a video of a performing artist in Europe. She’s outdoors in a big plaza like in front of a museum or something and she’s naked. Her huge canvas is laid on the ground. There are two metal stands along both sides of it. She would hide behind a covering to insert a paint-filled eggshell into her body. Then she would walk on the metal stands above the canvas, stand with her legs apart and drop the paint-filled eggshells on to the canvas by squeezing. The “eggs” would plonk on the canvas and break. Paint would splash on the canvas. She did this several times. When she was satisfied with the splattered paint on her canvas she folded the whole thing into half, making a mirror image. She did all this while totally naked and unabashed about it. There were people milling about but not many came close to watch. I only saw a couple of ladies standing nearby. There was only her assistant and the camera-man taking the video with her. And it was an awesome painting. What’s the purpose, God?

What do you think is the purpose?

Um…that the female body is beautiful. That giving birth is beautiful? And we shouldn’t be ashamed of our bodies?

It’s not only the female body that’s beautiful, the male body as well. Your bodies are beautiful. But it has been misused and abused ever so often.

Misused and abused? How?

To misuse means to use it as it should not be used. Remember your show, The Biggest Loser?

It’s not my show. What about it?

That is a good example of misusing your bodies.

You mean being overweight?

No. That is not what I mean. Tell me-did they have pain and suffering to become overweight?

Yes and no. No, because eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life. I mean, it gives joy. And yes, there are those who turn to food when they are depressed. So that means they are in pain.

No, child. The depressed turn to food because they feel that food will give them joy. So your answer should be yes and yes. Anyway, that is not what I mean by misusing your bodies. It is the pain and suffering through rigorous exercise and diet to enable their bodies to conform to what is acceptable in society. If I knew some of you will inflict suffering and pain on yourselves in order to please others then I never would have given you your bodies.

You’re kidding.

Yes, I Am.

Oh-kay…But those people in that show are not there to please others but to please themselves. You know, in order for them to feel good about themselves. And besides, didn’t you say that everything we do, we do for ourselves?

Yes, indeed I did say that. Think hard. When they are suffering, who are they suffering for? No one wants to suffer. The Soul is joy. So who are they suffering for?


Yes! They are suffering for the sake of looking good to others. They are not doing the suffering for themselves. They are suffering for others. So that others will accept them. So that they will be acceptable to others.

But they want to be acceptable to others so they will feel good about themselves. That is their objective. To feel good. That means they are doing it for themselves.

So they suffer. Why don’t they accept themselves as they are? They are not being true to themselves. And once they are not being true to themselves they will never have peace within themselves.

I don’t think so. Usually, at the finale of the show, those who “lost big” as in lost the most weight seem very happy.

Of course, they’re happy. It’s the finale. Those are the winners. Or as the show says, the biggest losers of the most weight. What about those who got left in the sidelines? What about them? They not only got kicked out of the show but their self-esteem along with them. Do you think they will have peace within after the show is over? Remember that they joined the contest with the objective of gaining their self-esteem which they thought they lacked in the first place. Being left on the wayside would even be more of a blow to their self-esteem because once again they resort to believing they are not acceptable to society. As for the winner, how long do you think he or she can keep that new weight without professional trainers, nutritionists or others to encourage and challenge him or her to keep to a regimen in order to keep that acceptable-to-society look?

I don’t know. I don’t really watch that show that much or whether there are follow-up updates on the contestants after the show is over. Anyway, you’re beginning to sound really frustrated regarding our subject today.

What is our subject today?

Huh? You’re telling me You-

No. You tell Me.

Hey, chill. (Like my daughter would say) Our subject today is about abusing our bodies.

We were talking about misusing the body. Now, let’s talk about abuse. I gave you a Soul, a body and a mind. (I will not go into physical abuse as in abuse of women or self-inflicted pain for the sake of penance or what have you because that is altogether another discussion.) These three elements are essential for you to live your life to the fullest. Meditations and prayers and this conversation we are having are good for the Soul. I Am your Soul. I Am the steering wheel, the helm, the rudder of your body and mind. Your body and mind are the vehicle by which your Soul manoeuvres in order to create whatever is needed in order to accomplish My purpose for you. But if the Soul is constantly being held back, on a standstill, or on brakes all the time, the vehicle will never move or create anything in order to accomplish the Soul’s purpose. That is what I call abuse of the body because it is also abusing or hindering the desire of the Soul. Abusing My purpose for your Soul. As long as your Soul’s desires are being denied you are also denying Me. You are denying My joy in experiencing Myself through you. That is the worst abuse you can do to yourself. You are abusing God.

Man. You sound really serious now, God.

Can you blame Me, child? There have been signs, messages, miracles left and right and yet they are being ignored. Why? Because of pride. Because of losing face. Because of uncertainty. Because of lack of faith in another. Because of lack of faith in Me, for God’s sake!

Um, God? It’s because of remarks like that which make others doubt my authenticity as a messenger. God would never say, “for God’s sake.”

Would you say it?


I Am you. You are Me. Whatever you say I can say. I Am God. I Am everything.

That’s another thing. I think others don’t really believe in this I-am-You-You-are-me stuff. They think I’m making all this up. They think I’m just riding on Neale’s CWG books.

When was the last time you read Neale’s books?

More than a year ago, I think.

Then you must have a pretty good memory.

No, I don’t. I can’t remember half of what I read even. I’m now reading a historical romance novel. Coz that’s probably how far I’ll go when it comes to romance.

Looks like it, dear one.

That vote of confidence certainly makes me feel a lot better.

At least that makes one of us.

Sarcasm does not become You, God.

I invented it.