Hi! How Are You? How’s Your Gun?



I just read Neale’s write up. One word: Guns

One word: Fear

For the one carrying them or for the future victims?

Both. For the carrier, it would be fear of being a victim. For the future victim, fear of being a victim. Do you see it?

See what?

The multiplicity that arises from fear?

Hold on. I have to check that word.

You read My mind.

Don’t I always? Okay – one of the meanings of multiplicity: “a large number or variety; a multiplicity of errors.”

Yes. Earlier did I not mention that joy is contagious? You cannot keep it to yourself. The same goes for fear. Fear is also contagious. All of you invented guns–

Not me.

–for a reason. Can you tell me the basic reason?

Hold on. Wiki time…Okay. “The first device identified as a gun, a bamboo tube that used gunpowder to fire a spear, appeared in China around 1000AD.”

What was it used for?

Battle, I suppose. During war.

War involves fear between or among nations. There would be a lot of guns used. Now, the subject we are discussing is about carrying a personal gun to protect oneself. This is also another kind of war. A personal war. A spiritual war. A person at war with his own spirituality or lack of it. The person carrying the firearm believes in a punishing god. The god of the Old World. He is simply emulating this punishing God. As in, “If you do me wrong, I will shoot and send you to hell because you are a bad person. Bad persons go to hell. I won’t go to hell because I am simply defending myself. I am the punishing god. I do not see any other persons as god because I believe in the punishing god–”

Stop! It’s like I’m watching an action movie with the hero shooting anyone in sight. Anyone who riles him. (Ooh. I used the Word of the Day today. Cool.)

Yes. Movies.

What about movies?

You are what you create, child.

I don’t make movies.

Depiction of heroism by using firearms. Do you not think that these are messages to anyone who watches them? Especially for the very young. Those who are comfortable carrying firearms were children once themselves who watched movies depicting such heroes. The young mind absorbs anything and everything that it is exposed to. If your entertainment makes light of violence and war then the young mind will believe it will be so. I Am not telling you how to raise your children. I am simply stating things as they are. I repeat, you are what you create. Now is the time to be aware of what is being fed to your young in terms of entertainment and activities. Not all young minds will end up as murderers or criminals. But you have young adults who do not have a totally conducive environment or a happy upbringing in order for them be spiritually aware of their godliness. These violent themes in your entertainment are outlets for these youngsters to vent their anger and eventually to the real world. I know it will not be easy to totally transform your entertainment into lovey-dovey themes all at one go. The most important is to begin to be aware and to acknowledge that there IS a problem. If all of you keep denying there is such a problem then the problems will persist. And the problem is not rooted in what you can see or touch. The root of the problem is in each of you. It is your beliefs. The mistaken belief of an aloof and punishing god.

In other words, it’s a spiritual problem. Well, that’s what messengers are for, right? No worries. We’re on it.

Some of you.