Affairs of the Heart

affairs of the heart
23 April 2014

God, You say that wisdom comes from experiencing the ups and downs of this world. Falling in love have lots of ups and downs, right? The thing is I haven’t really been in love before.

Are you sure?

Yes, I’m sure.

Then why did you get married?

I knew You were gonna ask that. Honestly, it was more of a case of “it seemed to be the right thing to do at the time.”

You and many others. People get married for many reasons. Doing it for the sake of doing it is one of them. Why did it seem like the right thing to do?

Well. When I met my ex, I was already 33 years old. Never had a boyfriend. A couple of blind dates but that’s about it. I was even contemplating joining a convent.

You’re laughing.

Did I make a sound?

No. You can’t, remember? You don’t have a mouth.

Then how do you know I’m laughing?

I felt it.

You are right. My apologies.

Anyway. Either the convent or get another degree. Which I actually already decided to do when I met my ex. I hope You don’t ask me to post this coz this’ll really be interesting for my book.

Don’t worry, child. What is ahead of you will be way more interesting than this conversation we are having now.

In that case, I wish I was 30 years younger.

Everything is timed perfectly.

If You say so. Anyway. So how am I gonna be wise in the affairs of the heart when I’ve never been in love before?

Play it by ear.

Huh? To be wise with the affairs of the heart I have to play it by ear?

What does the phrase “play it by ear” mean?

Hang on.

I’m not going anywhere.

Ha ha. Very funny. I have to google it, is what I mean.

(An app away later…)

Okay. The phrase “play it by ear” means–to decide how to deal with a situation as it develops rather than planning how you are going to react.

That’s it. We’re done.

What do You mean we’re done?

We’re done means this discussion is over. I’ve answered your question. End of discussion.

No! You haven’t answered my real question!

And that would be?

Why didn’t I fall in love so that I can be wise about falling in love?

I have no idea, child. Actually, I do have an idea but I will not disclose it. All I can say is–that was the agenda of your Soul. Tell me–is there something you can do about it now? As in fall in love to get experience?


No. Love is uninvited, remember? You cannot make someone fall in love with you. You can only show someone you love him or her because you already love each other.

That’s not the way everybody thinks at all. These days falling in love is–girl meets boy, they both get to know each other, they may or may not like each other, then decide whether they wanna stick together and then after getting to know each other really, really well they will decide whether to tie the knot or not.

That is falling in love in The Life. That is not how you fall in love in The Plan.

The Plan? As in our Souls planning beforehand the agenda of our Souls? But you just said to “play it by ear.”

Playing it by ear does not only apply to falling in love, dear one. The very minute you get up from your bed in the morning, you are already playing it by ear. Whatever events or occurrence that is thrown at you throughout the day, you are playing it by ear. Meaning, you are deciding how to deal with a situation as it develops rather than planning how you are going to react. An example: Let’s say you are at the grocery and you bump into an old friend and this old friend tells you she recently got divorced. You get the feeling she needs a shoulder to cry on. But you are in a hurry because your children are waiting for their dinner at home. Now, here is the playing-it-by-ear part, do you drop everything, call home and tell your children to get their own dinner, and invite your sad friend for a cup of coffee and provide a shoulder to cry on? Or–do you tell your friend, that’s too bad, pat her on the shoulder and go about your merry way?

I won’t be merry.

Now, the question is–did you plan on bumping into that old friend that day?

Of course not.

Yes, you did.

I did?

You did. That was the agenda of your Soul that day. Nothing happens to you by accident. You called that situation onto yourself in order for you to experience who you really are. And who are you really?


Me. I Am you. You are Me. So what would Me have done in that situation?

Well, knowing You, You would have probably dropped everything and invite that friend for coffee and a shoulder to cry on.

Then you don’t know Me very well.


What about your children? What about their dinner? Are they able to get or prepare their dinner on their own?

No. If a quick meal like instant noodles, yes.

That’s not very healthy, is it?

No. Then what should I do?


Well, I can invite her for the next day instead and if You’re right about her needing a shoulder to cry on then I think she won’t turn it down. Or I can just buy cooked food for the kids, bring it home along with my sad friend and go out again to have coffee and a shoulder somewhere where she can pour her heart out.

You see. You are playing it by ear. You were deciding how to react to a situation that you unknowingly called on to yourself. “Unknowingly called” means the situation came upon you, acknowledged and accepted the situation as the agenda of your Soul, knowing it has a purpose and then think of a decision that is best suited to the situation. And thereafter take action. As in create your reality. A decision that is coming from your Soul.

So…does this apply to falling in love?

That is what this discussion is for, is it not?

Yeah. But can You just like–


Playing it by ear when it comes to the affair of the heart: You meet someone. Both of you feel the energy. Not just one of you, remember that. But both of you. Naturally, (naturally is from the Soul) both of you will try as much as possible to do something about that energy. Both of you will try to get as close as possible to each other, regardless of rules and regulations of this world. That is the natural way. There is another way: the normal way. And you are familiar with the normal way.

It is within rules and regulations of this world. Can You give me an example of a normal way?

Alright. When you were married, have you ever felt an attraction towards another man besides your husband?


Aargh! Yes! I’m only human!

Of course, you are. Being human comprises of the body. The physical body. An attraction towards someone else is from the Soul. But then your body signed a piece of paper called a marriage certificate. A piece of paper is something tangible while an attraction between two Souls is intangible. Rules and regulations have been invented based on the physical body. They do not apply to the Soul because the Soul is free. So because of rules and regulations you do not acknowledge the attraction physically as in “Hands-off! I’m taken.” So what do you do? You suppress the feeling that is felt by the Soul by controlling your physical body. You control the urge to create your reality by not going towards the energy that is generated between two Souls who are attracted to each other.

That’s sad.

It is.

But then we can’t possibly create our reality with every Soul that we feel an energy with now, can we?

Why not?

Why not?! There’ll be marriages disrupted left and right!

Isn’t that what’s happening now? Your divorce rates are so high it would be better for all of you to get divorced first before getting married.

I don’t understand.

Never mind. Child, the message I am trying to get across is this. If not for your rules and regulations, there will be more happy couples in your realm. Happy couples make for happy families. And when I say happy, I mean that joy will be the operating system of a family. Sure there will be non-joyous occasions but that is part and parcel of having a family. A family consists of members who will help each other find their own happiness. A family does not bound each other to each other. Other families grow from one family and that family will grow into another family and so forth and so forth. If you hinder one member from seeking his or her true happiness it will make for a sad family. Even families have their own rules and regulations. The family abounds with rules and regulations of proper behaviour within that family and within society. Too many rules and regulations will suffocate your realm one day and it will be the cause of its slow death.

But if we do away with rules and regulations then there will be chaos everywhere!

I did not say do away with rules and regulations altogether because you are right, there will be chaos. We wouldn’t want that. I am a gentle God. This is a gentle revolution. What I am saying is–those of you who found The Truth will realise rules and regulations stifling. Do you know why?

Because now we know the Soul is free.

Yes. And once you are aware of that you should be a little more flexible with the rules and regulations of this world. Your children.

What about my children?

Now that you are aware that the Soul is free, your children’s Souls are free. What rules and regulations have you bent to allow this freedom?

Oh. Well. An example would be concerning bedtime. God does not force so I do not force either. But I draw the line at being online until 1am in the morning.

So what do you do?

Actually, I let her be during the holidays. And guess what happened?


She came down with the flu. And I told her it was because of her late nights. And that’s what I keep reminding her if she goes past her 10 o’clock bedtime. That she’ll fall ill again. And it sort of works. She’ll still struggle but eventually she’ll obey.

The Law of Retraction. That is also called freedom. Freedom to experience the consequences of your decisions or creations. It is a way of freeing the Soul. To make decisions for herself and thereafter decide whether the consequence of that decision works for her. That is what I mean by bending your rules and regulations. Keep in mind that I Am everything. So your rules and regulations are also of Me. What should concern you is whether they work or do not work if applied to the creation of your reality. Your reality is based on who you really are. Your Soul.

I understand. Have You noticed we’ve veered off the subject again?

What is our subject?

You see! We’ve veered off so far, you’ve forgotten!

I Am God. I do not forget anything.

Well then. What is–

When it comes to the affairs of the heart you must play it by ear. That is the subject we were discussing.

Bending rules and regulations, ahem. Explain that into the subject we were discussing.

Bending rules and regulations is the only way to play it by ear when it comes to affairs of the heart because affairs of the heart is of the Soul which knows no rules or regulations.

Um…okay. You win.

Thank you.