Fear & The Plan

18 April 2014

There’s fear in the air again, God. And I think it’s because of the disasters in the world. Like the ferry disaster. And recently, the Mount Everest accident that killed 12 people. Why are all these happening, God?

The Plan.

People. Teenagers are dying because of The Plan?

The dying is part of The Plan.

Then it seems The Plan is also called The Life.


You’re kidding. Then why call it The Plan?

Because all of you agreed on The Plan. As in all souls agreed on The Plan before coming to this world. As for life, life is uncertain (for the unaware). Not unlike death. The Plan is a preconceived activity. Meaning all of you produced ideas for activities you plan to realize in your world. Nothing happens to you by accident. Everything has been planned. Hence The Plan. As for life, all of you perceive it to be unpredictable, uncertain. Life is from the old world. Life is made up of all of you going about your business in this realm without direction. That is why I have now sent messengers to lead the way. Guides of The Plan. The Plan on how to live life according to The Truth.

Okay. So what can I do about the fear?

Nothing. You cannot control others but you can control the way YOU feel. You can either go along with the fear or you can choose not to. It is your choice. Those who are in fear right now are those who are not in touch with their souls yet. The wall of their sponsoring thoughts is still in control. Leave them be. They have their own agenda. No one can create their reality for them except themselves.