Dying & Death


There’s another major disaster, God. This time a ferry sank. And about 300 people, mostly students, are missing or presumed dead. Dying & death. I cannot say “Yay!” to that.

Why would you?

But You said when it comes to dying and death we shouldn’t be sad.

Are you sad?


Then so be it.

So be it?! But You said-

I know what I said, child. The question is- can you stop yourself from feeling sadness? From being sad?


Then don’t. I gave you sadness for a reason. It is a gift. Do not deny yourself this gift. When I said you cannot be sad when it comes to death or dying, I meant that you should not be afraid of what happens when you return to Me. I Am joy. When you return to Me it is a joyful event. Especially for Me. You will be ONE with Me once again. It will be like a parent welcoming back her or his child after a long, arduous journey. With open arms, warm hugs and kisses. That is joyful, is it not?

I suppose so.

YES! Yes! It is. So let me understand this. When it comes to dying and death, it’s alright to be sad, yes?


And from what I understand from what You just said, we shouldn’t let dying and death consume us to the point where it stops us from living life to the fullest. As in being afraid to do things that’ll kill us–

No, child. That is not what I meant. The belief now is that death is an unsure path that everyone of you will take. All of you will die sooner or later. But now that The Truth has been revealed that all of you have nowhere else to go but return to Me then it is not that uncertain anymore. Whatever happens in your life that may lead to your returning to Me will not be so scary anymore. But that does not mean you quit your job and become a daredevil. No. It means do not be sad of the inevitability of death. It is simply a transition to another realm where you can decide to stay or to return to your world. Being sad for the loss of a loved one is also inevitable because you are losing a loved one. That is natural. You really do not lose a loved one entirely. You only lose the physical body. The spirit of your loved one will still be with you. If you are fully aware, you will know this. We are ONE. Even if your loved one is still with you physically but far away from you, you will also know this. You can allow yourself to feel the spirit of a loved one even if they are thousands of miles away from you. You have forgotten. This world is an illusion. What is real are your Souls. Your Souls are ONE. Be aware of that. Recognise it. Acknowledge it.

I have some idea of what You’re talking about. Call me crazy but I can actually tell what’s going on somewhere else just by thinking it.

You’re not crazy. You are aware. Thinking means having First Thoughts. And what are First Thoughts?

They are thoughts from You. From God. Thoughts that are not influenced by the stuff of this world. I call them BOOMS! Because they sort of surprise or shock me when they pop into my head.

So what do you do when you get these booms?

I create my reality. As in take action.

Before that.


You have to believe before you create, do you not?

Well, of course. That’s a given, isn’t it?

With you it is, dear one. For others, it is not.