I Feel What You Feel


God, why did you remind me of that violent video again? Mum showed it to me from her FB newsfeed. I’ve seen it before and it’s something I’d rather forget.

That is the problem.

I know. I know. To forget the problem means to not acknowledge it. And if I don’t acknowledge it, it means I’m not solving it. But I can’t solve this problem, God! I’m just one woman typing a bunch of words on a keyboard, hoping there are people out there who are reading them and hopefully will solve the problem! What do You expect me to do?!

Just exactly what you’ve been doing.

Typing a bunch of words on a keyboard?


How will that solve anything?

Oh believe Me, child, the solving has begun. You and many, many messengers are solving the problem. Those words you are typing on a keyboard are not just air. They are spiritual medicine. Souls have been thirsting for those words for a long, long time. And once those words are ingested by a thirsty Soul, the solving, the healing has begun. Those words are master-makers. Messenger-makers. Anyone who reads those (And I know who they are) and heeds them are on their way to being masters and messengers. Note: I said heed. As in create their reality.

Okay. So what about those who read and would rather forget?

Those words, these words are from Me. They cannot be easily forgotten. And once something is not easily forgotten they become festering unease within the Soul. And once the Soul is not at ease, everything else in one’s life will be the same.

I understand. So where is this conversation going? I’m sort of lost.

Yes. That’s how those Souls feel. Others who do not heed their Souls’ desires are lost. Those women in that violent video are lost Souls. They have lost their nurturing instincts. Most likely due to their problems, their beliefs, or how they were treated or being treated. Whatever it is, it is affecting their Souls so badly, they are venting their anger on innocent children. Their pain and anguish have blinded them to seeing God in those children. Those women have given in to their fears. Their fear that have manifested from whatever problems they were experiencing at that moment. What problems do you think they could be?

Well, I know how it feels to take care of a young child. And I only have two of my own. Those women must be overwhelmed by all those they have to take care of. The may be under staffed. That may be one problem. Judging by their surroundings, I don’t think the place is doing very well. So that might mean, they are also under-paid. These women might be mothers themselves who probably had to leave their children with somebody else in order for them to earn a living by taking care of the children of others. Or who knows, these women might have been abused or are being abused themselves. Or maybe these women–

Enough, child.

Are you upset?

YOU are upset. Your Soul was beginning to be upset while you were typing those words. That is why I Am upset. Do you know why?

I am You. You are me. I am here in this realm in order for You to feel what I feel. In order for You to experience Yourself.

So now, what do you think I feel when those women are feeling what they are feeling when they are doing what they are doing to those children? So now, what do you think I feel when I Am those children feeling what they are doing to those children?

I’m sorry, God. I have to stop now. My hands are shaking and I feel like crying.