How To Solve A Mystery

How To Solve A MysteryToday

God, I think it’s about time we talked about MH370.

What do you want to know?

You have got to be kidding! I think You know exactly what I want to know. Along with everyone else.

I want to hear the actual question that is in your mind. How can we be clear about our discussion if I do not know exactly what you want to know?

Fine. First and foremost, why would such a thing happen?

You are still not clear, child. What do you mean by “thing”?

Aargh! Why are You doing this?

What Am I doing?

You’re nit-picking my words.

Then how exactly will I know what you want to know?

You’ve never done that before. You love using metaphors. You love implying things. You know, like not saying exactly what You mean.

That is because it is a gentler way of conveying The Truth to the world. I Am a gentle God. All of you have been immersed in falsehoods for far too long that when The Truth is finally revealed to you it may shock you and give you discomfort. Metaphors and implying are gentler than the exact Truth. Besides, your Soul knows exactly what I mean. Metaphors and implying are Soul language. Your Soul is Me. Your Soul is gentle. And I will treat your Souls with gentleness. Learn from that.

I’ll try. Okay. With the subject at hand, I will rephrase my question…Um…On second thought, forget it. Maybe it’s best left as it is.

What is best left as it is?

Aaargh! MH370! What I mean by “it’s best left as it is” is that let the mystery resolve itself.

That is not true and you know it. Leaving the mystery to resolve itself means – “Let’s forget about the mystery. Let’s get back to our lives without bothering to find out exactly what happened. The affected families should do the same.” That is how the mystery will resolve itself. Is that what’s happening now?

No! No! Definitely not. In fact, the authorities involved made a statement saying they will never stop looking. And so many countries are doing their best to help solve the mystery, forgoing concerns over the cost and the manpower needed to search for answers. This mystery has brought the world into ONE FORCE of love and concern and hope for the families affected by this harrowing disaster.

You just answered your own question, child.

What question?

Why would such a thing happen. That is your question. And you just gave the answer. Events occurring in your lives do not occur randomly. Everything has a purpose. It is up to you to know exactly how you will create your reality in relation to what is happening around you, to you or among you. An event will not resolve itself without anyone taking any action or without creating anything. What does your Soul, body and mind tell you about the event that just happened? Do you feel indifferent to it? Do you feel remorse? Do you feel you need to do something? What do you feel? Now, what are you going to do about what you feel? Sit around and wait for it to resolve itself? (An event will never resolve itself). You have free will. You have a choice. The question is – is your Soul at peace? Is your Soul in tune with Who You Really Are in relation to what has just occurred?


For what, dear one?

All I did was tweet a prayer for the Souls and families of that plane. That’s not much, is it?

Do you think people read your tweet?

I hope so.

You’re underestimating yourself, child. That prayer gave a sense of peace to more people than you know.


If you were directly affected by that disaster, do you think you could have done more?

Why yes, of course. If I knew one of the victims personally, I would have offered something to ease the heartbreak of the affected family.

You and many others would have done that, I Am sure. That is what I mean. If you are affected directly by an event, are you just going to sit around and wait for it to resolve itself? Nothing ever resolves itself in your world. Or are you going to do something to ease the unease your Soul is experiencing in order to resolve what is presumably a mystery at that particular moment in your life? What are you going TO DO ABOUT IT?

Are we still talking about MH370?

No, we are not.

I guessed as much.