You Contradicted Yourself Again

pc & machine gunToday

God, You contradicted Yourself again.

Who says?

Those who think I’m taking them for fools.

How do you know?

You told me.


With First Thoughts, that’s how.

What are First Thoughts?

First Thoughts, to me, are thoughts that boom at me. Or thoughts that won’t let up as in they keep nagging at me until I do something about it. Like this one about You contradicting Yourself.

Alright. Let us discuss this thing that is contradictory.

In my post “Cyber Bully” You said to ignore the words that are meant to hurt. But in my post “Shout” You said that “being angry without letting the other know is not courage or martyrdom. It is pride.”

Okay. So what is contradictory about that?

Cyber bullies will make me angry but You said to ignore them. But then You say it is prideful to suppress anger and that we should feel all emotions. Don’t You think that’s contradictory?

Tell me – when you are getting bullied by cyber bullies, do you see each other face to face?

Oh man. I already know how You’re gonna save Yourself.

Just answer the question.

No. I will not usually see the face of the cyber bully.

What does he use to bully you?

The computer. Words online.

Is he or she near you physically?

No. Usually no.

Okay. Now what about when you are arguing with someone? Like what happened to you and your loved one. You exchanged heated words with your father, did you not?


What happened after that?

Something was thrown at me. And that’s when I started shouting.

When you were shouting, how was your body language?

Well. Thinking about it now, instead of backing off, I actually went forward. I walked towards him. Even after he threw the second thing at me. I was so angry.

You were defending your divinity as well as your physicality.

No, I wasn’t. If I was defending my physicality wouldn’t You think I’d be running away so I won’t get hit?

Running away from a pair of slippers?


If it was a machine gun, you definitely should be running away. As fast as you can. Child, what I Am trying to get across is this – when it is a face to face confrontation, you have to defend your divinity by allowing yourself to feel any emotion that your Soul is feeling. Suppressing any of these emotions (as taught to you by the Old World) will not be freeing for your Soul. Your Soul will know exactly when to take control. Your Soul will tell you when to stay or when to walk away. Go with your instinct. Try not to suppress. Suppressing the feelings of your Soul is depriving Me of feeling these emotions. And in turn you will never be at peace. You will never feel the joy of freedom of living life to the fullest in this realm. I made this realm for you to be free. It is a gift. Treasure it. Nurture it. Live it. Love it. Be free in it.

Roger that. So to conclude, it is best to ignore cyber bullies because they are not present in front of me to physically hurt me. They are merely using the Internet and meaningless words to hurt. But for face to face confrontations, it is best to defend my divinity by heeding the emotions that my Soul is feeling at that moment. Here’s another scenario – what if the cyber bully I have been ignoring gets really pssd off and comes to my doorstep with a machine gun? What should I do then, huh?

Sorry. Shutting up now.