Shout! II

Shout II copy3 April 2014

God, my latest post about shouting as being okay, wouldn’t that encourage youngsters to shout at adults? Won’t that be bad?

How many times do I have to tell you, child? There is no such thing as bad. What is bad is what does not work for you. If shouting does not work for you then you have a choice of not experiencing it again. Or you may choose otherwise. It is entirely up to you. The objective of that post is to let everyone know that God does not judge or punish whether you shout at God.

You see! You’re very contradicting. The objective of messengers is to convince everyone to see each other as God. And since God does not shout or punish then we shouldn’t either.

Correct. All of you shouldn’t shout or punish. All of you shouldn’t shout or punish when you already know each other’s Truth. Because sometimes it takes shouting and punishment to get the Truth out, is it not?

But You said we shouldn’t punish! I’m getting really confused now.

Punishment as in judgment. Tell Me-what happened to you to prove that you are telling The Truth?

You mean how I was accused of being a scammer?

Yes. Was that not punishment as in judgment?

Yeah, I guess.

So you were judged/punished to reveal your Truth, were you not?

Yes. But messengers are trying to get rid of judgment and punishment. Do You mean to say we should always judge or punish others in order to get to the Truth?

Isn’t that what all of you are doing now? Isn’t that the kind of god that most of you believe in now? A god that punishes in order for all of you to believe The Truth.

Not me. That was before. I don’t believe in that kind of God now.

Exactly. How can you know what is True if your eyes are not opened to the Untrue? You have to experience what is Untrue for you to know what is Untrue. And thereafter your eyes will be opened to what is Untrue. Only then can you decide which to choose. It is the same as joy and fear. You need to experience both in order for you to make a choice. Let’s get back to the shouting. Tell me–did you shout for no reason at all?

No! Something happened that made me react that way.

This thing that happened, did you give the other person a chance to tell his Truth?

Yes, I did. In fact, I started out calmly enough. But the excuse that was given was just that, an excuse. There was no just cause for the action. That’s what got me so angry. My anger affected the tone of my voice as I was reasoning out and that’s when something was thrown at me. That was punishment once again, this time it was for me. That’s when I really lost it. I shouted so loud, the neighbours probably heard me.

Did you care?


Then it was from your Soul. The Soul could not care what others think. So to answer your question whether your post will encourage youngsters to shout, that really depends on the adult, does it not?

What do you mean?

Your children – have they shouted at you before?

Shout, no. Raised their voices, yes. Many times.

So how do you feel about it?

Well, my feelings do get hurt a little but then I’m thinking, they’re doing it so that I’ll have a choice of whether to judge them for it or not. And it really depends on why they’re angry. If it’s justified, then I’ll let it be. I’ll ignore it if I can. They are allowed to be angry after all. Along with being sad, depressed, bored, irritated, exasperated, restless, dejected–

You’re being God. That is what I do. I allow each and everyone of you every emotion there is. I do not disallow any emotion. You are free to feel every emotion. Because it is only through you will I feel these emotions. That is why I created this realm. For Me to experience Myself through all of you. All of you have joy and fear in all of you. That is what your Soul, body and mind are for. That is the whole composition of you to enable you to fully experience yourself as a divine being. A divine being can feel all emotions. A divine being is depriving itself of My gifts by suppressing any of these emotions. To answer your question, with or without your post, youngsters will still express the way they feel whether it is through shouting or otherwise. It is is up to the other person to decide what she does with the situation. To judge or be God. The True God.

What about the adults? What if they shout at youngsters?

I know. I already know the answer. We are all allowed to feel ALL emotions, the agenda of the Soul, blah, blah, blah, The Law of Retraction and so on and so forth.

Just remember this – in a relationship, as long as your Truth is kept hidden from each other, there will never be peace.

I’ll try and remember that.