Shout1 April 2014

God! I can’t believe I lost it! I lost my temper! Last night, I shouted at Dad! Why? Why did that happen?

You know very well why that happened.

I don’t know!

Yes, you do. When it comes to your children, you will fight tooth and nail. It doesn’t matter who it is.

Yes. That’s it. But why couldn’t I control it?

That was your Soul protesting.

No! My Soul is You. You will never scream at anyone!

I will never scream. You are right about that. I have no mouth. What I mean by “it was your Soul protesting” is exactly that. Your Soul used your body and mind as an instrument to protest against the judgment that was experienced by another. Do you not see the miracle in that?

That was a miracle? Me shouting at Dad was a miracle? That’s crazy!

It is not crazy, my child. It is the most sane act in your realm. That is how all of you defend your divinity. When someone’s Soul is violated it is natural for that Soul to protest. It is a defense mechanism. To defend one’s divinity.

But shouting is not godly, God!

I Am everything, remember?

I remember! But it simply goes against being godly!

Those exclamation marks? That is shouting.


No matter. You are in this realm to feel every emotion there is. The Old World believes that shouting is ungodly (Even when one is being crucified). Suppressing one’s pain without protesting or being angry without letting the other know is not courage or martyrdom. It is pride. Pride as you know is just another form of fear. Fear of being perceived as weak or ungodly. That is why it is considered brave or courageous to endure suffering because it has been perceived that God is so. I do not suffer. Your Soul has courage but I did not give you this gift in order for you to endure suffering. I gave you the gift of courage in order for you to live life to the fullest. Living life to the fullest means experiencing every emotion there is. But not to the extent that you use courage to endure suffering in your lifetimes. And you have control of all your emotions. So what happened after your quarrel?

I reasoned with him and then I apologized immediately.

That is called controlling your emotions. If you didn’t have control, you would have probably been at each other a lot longer.

Yeah. I only shouted a couple of sentences at him. He was so unreasonable.

You were telling him your Truth. This world will be a better place if all of you will only tell each other your Truth.

But certainly not by shouting. That’s how wars start.

You are wrong there, child.


It is because there is no shouting that is why wars start. Have you ever seen politicians shouting at each other?

Actually I have. There are fist fights even. And these are politicians in their own country.

So did these politicians end up warring each other?

I don’t know. I’m not really into news about politics.

Most likely not.

But there’s unrest surely. A neighbouring country is having one right now with recent riots and protests. There’s definitely shouting there.

Exactly. The protesters are making their Truth heard. If they keep living life quietly suffering with their resentment and anger against the government it will eventually turn into a volatile volcano that will be a worse scenario than their protests and riots.

God. I really don’t understand. I am doing this as a messenger because we want peace and harmony in this world and yet here You are saying that shouting, rioting and protesting is good. Isn’t that violence?

No. Violence is politicians mobilizing soldiers, armed forces and artillery on another nation with a click of a button without determining or knowing each other’s Truth. Many, many innocent lives are lost because of others who are too proud to face each other and have a dialogue about their Truth. Violence is going on a vengeful shooting rampage without letting anyone know the reason why you are so angry. Violence is physically abusing your loved one without letting her or him know why you are so angry. Violence is shooting at someone point blank because he irritated you while having no idea why he is the way he is. Violence is–

Okay. Okay. I understand. So what You’re saying is–it’s okay to shout at someone as long as you are coming from your Soul. From your Truth.

I did not say it is okay. If that is the agenda of your Soul then there is nothing you can do to stop it. Before you shouted at your loved one, did you hesitate and think about it first?

That’s just it, you see. I should have but I couldn’t. I was seeing red!

It was from your gut. Do you know why you couldn’t stop?

I think so. Because he was judging or punishing without first letting the other know why. That’s what got me so angry.

You were standing up for the vulnerable, dear one. That is your Soul’s purpose. Anything that is against that purpose will definitely get your defenses up.

Yeah. I only gained control after a few seconds and thereafter apologized for my outburst. The thing is, now I don’t feel any regret. In fact, I feel relieved that it happened. It was a long time coming. It was built-up resentment that just simply had to explode. And for now, I need time to be comfortable around dad again.

That is natural. With all relationships, there is bound to be ups and downs, love and hate, letting go and forgiveness. Sound familiar?

Yeah. It’s LIFE.

LIFE. My precious gift to all of you. Don’t waste it and everything that goes with it.

Including shouting?

Including shouting.