Which is worse? A visible, obvious fence? Or a camouflaged one? What’s this all about, God? I can’t seem to explain it to myself with a viable explanation.

Alright. Give Me an example of a visible, obvious fence.

A white wooden picket fence. The ones that you see in gardens. Like in children’s books.

That’s a good example. Now, why do you think the owner placed a white wooden picket fence around his garden?

To show everyone that it is his garden?

Do you think so? Imagine his garden without a fence. Just vegetables and flowers growing in front of his home. Now everyone knows this is his home and it is his garden. Don’t you think that without the fence everyone will still know it’s his garden?

You have a point there. Then, I guess it’s not a very good example after all.

It is still a good example, child. People put up fences for several reasons but it all boils down to one thing and that is fear. Fear of others claiming ownership of what they think is rightfully theirs. When all of you are finally highly evolved there will be no more fences because there will be no more ownership of anything. What I have is yours and what is yours is mine. But that is too far in the future for discussion here. Now. How about giving Me an example of a camouflaged fence?

Oh. Those that I see at the zoo. They are wires that are painted the same colour as the shrubbery or the surroundings. So when we observe the animals they do not obstruct our view.

But you can still see the fence?

Well, yes. We’re aware that the fence is there and it is still visible. It simply doesn’t distract the viewing pleasure of the visitors.

Now. How about the animals? Are they aware that the fence is there? That the fence exists?

Oh yes. Or else they’ll be all over the place, chasing the visitors and scaring the heebeegeebies out of everyone.

Are you sure it’s not the other way around?


Never mind. The camouflaged fence is like your rules and regulations. Rules and regulations that are fancied up to make you stay in your proper place. And when I say ” fancied up” I mean, they are made up by others who believe themselves to be non-rule & regulation breakers. And who are these non-breakers? They are people who want control of others. They are people who are only thinking of themselves. Do you think they are thinking of you when they desire to control you and your life. Do I control you and your life? I Am God. I Am free. If I Am free, why would I place upon you rules & regulations that will suffocate you and stifle your freedom? What an utterly selfish god that would be! I Am free. Therefore, you are free. Rules & regulations are your creations. Not Mine. I have now revealed this Truth through many, many messengers. But some of you have chosen to ignore this Truth, preferring to stay in the comfort of your camouflaged fences because it is safe. You may be safe but do you have peace? Do you have joy? Look into your hearts deeply and then answer these questions. The only answers to these questions are those that are coming from your true selves. And your true selves not only seek the good for yourselves as in for your Souls but also for the good of others. And that would be the good of humanity. Coming from fear all the time is only seeking comfort for yourselves which is not comfort at all but utter selfishness. And this will only bring you disharmony and anger for the rest of your lives. Think about this deeply. The New World is being hindered by the one thing that it is trying to eradicate. And that is your old beliefs. Free your Soul for the sake of humanity. And the only way to do that is to remove the camouflaged fence from around your Souls. Acknowledge the blessing I have bestowed upon you. A blessing that will not be realised until one of you is free.



29 April 2014 Tuesday 8:28am

The Word of the Day today is OBLIQUITY. I have a feeling it has more to it than meets the eye.

You are right. I picked that word for today for a certain reason. In the definition, what caught your attention?

Um…a part of the quote: “But that is not all, that is not his worst defect; his worst defect is his perpetual moral obliquity…”

Yes. What do you understand from that?

“His perpetual moral obiquity” sounds like someone who is constantly being a double-headed snake. You know. A phoney. Not a sincere person. Someone who says one thing and does another.

Yes. What is the exact meaning of “obliquity”?

There are several.

Choose the one that shouts at you.

Okay. There are two. One: “divergence from moral conduct, rectitude, etc.; immorality, dishonesty, or the like.” And the second one is: “a confusing or obscure statement or passage of writing, especially one deliberately made obscure.”

What is moral conduct? But more specifically–what are christianity’s or rather let us speak in general terms–What are religions’ rules for moral conduct?

Would you believe I had to google that?…Um. Okay. Wiki.answers.com’s answer seems the most appropriate. Religions’ rules of moral conduct are: Love God with all your heart, soul and strength. And love your neighbour as you love yourself.

Now my question is: even though you are not in religion anymore, are you still adhering to those rules of moral conduct?

With regards to loving God, I like to believe that I do. What do You think?

Didn’t I say that your faith in Me is already carved in stone?

Then yes, I love God with all my heart, soul and strength. Now for the second one, love my neighbour as I love myself. Well, I am trying very, very hard. I like to think that I do but I feel that only those who have had encounters with me will know the answer to that question.

Throughout this ordeal, you have encountered many, many people who have judged you and mistook you for someone other than who you really are, have you not?


So have you forgiven them for doing that?



Why? For a purely selfish reason–so that I can move on. If I do not let go of the resentment and anger, I will never be able to move on. And since I have done that, as in forgave and forgotten, I have peace. Peace to live life as per normal. Besides, it’ll make me sick. I hate being sick.

Yes. Whatever affects your Soul will eventually affect your physicality. Now to get back to our Word of the Day–obliquity. One of the definitions is–divergence from moral conduct. As in you are being immoral. Remember, that when it comes to your Soul, there is no such thing as right or wrong. I Am your Soul. I Am everything. I Am the good and the bad as what you perceive in your rules and regulations. Morality is exactly that. Morality is rules and regulations that all of you have invented in order to keep everyone in their place. Now, why do you need to keep everyone in place? It is because there are those of you who want to be in control. There are those of you who believe that in order to be powerful, you need to control another. No one owns anyone in this world. All of you are free. All of you are free spirits. Children are not even owned by their parents. Parents are guides and teachers who will eventually set their children free. Free to find their own Truths. Some of you may say, “But I still have to be under someone’s control because I need to work in order to earn a living.” No one need serve another unless you need something from that other. That is how you have created your world. That is how your world works. You are what you create. In truth, no one needs anything from anyone. (But let us not go into that because I have already gone through that with Neale in one of his books.) What I am trying to say is this: You are a free spirit. You are not beholden to anyone.You can come and go as you please in anyone’s life. If this someone is holding you obligated to him at the expense of your own happiness then you are only betraying yourself. I did not put you in this world to suffer. And worst of all to suffer for someone else who is only thinking of himself and his reputation. If you believe you are being a hero by enduring suffering for someone else’s sake you are very much mistaken. You are not only depriving yourself of happiness but you are also short-changing those who are affected by your suffering. The best thing to do is to set yourself free and thus others will be free from their bondage of resentment and anger as well. If all of you think that by sticking together in fear you will one day make it disappear, think again. Fear multiplies as quickly as grass grows. It is only when one of you gets up the courage to break away from this fear will the hold be broken. The result may not be immediate but that is what patience is for. God is patient. Be God. Choose joy instead of fear for once and only then will you experience The Perfect Outcome. All of you have already come so far. Do not waste The Truth by hanging on to your anger and resentment. The Truth has already been absorbed by your Souls but you are hindering its freedom by clinging to your old beliefs. It is time to let go. Your rules and regulations do not apply to the ways of The New World, The New Spirituality. It is time to live in The New World.

Are we still talking about the Word of the Day?

Child, you know very well that is only a point of reference. We have to begin from somewhere which makes sense. If not, anyone who’s reading these words will not remember its lesson.

As in moral of the story? As in moral as we discussed regarding obliquity? Hey! I brought us back to where we started.

Yes, you did. But keep in mind, “moral” of the story is different from “moral” as we discussed regarding obliquity. Moral in the story is a practical lesson derived from a story or a fable or even a parable. And you already know what moral means as meant in the word obliquity.

I think we have to stop. I’m getting dizzy from this moral merry-go-round.

Exactly. Your rules and regulations sometimes make your life more complicated than it really is. A virtual merry-go-round. And how do you break away from this rules and regulations merry-go-round?

By jumping off.

No need, child. You’ll hurt yourself. Simply step off.

Roger that.