Choose Joy

choose joyToday

God, I keep going on and on about meditation and movement and yet I don’t really meditate regularly. But I believe I’m already in touch with my Soul all the time. Why do I still feel okay?

You just answered your own question, child.

Yeah. I guess so. Is it bad if I don’t meditate regularly?

There is no such thing as bad. You are what you create or in this case, do not create. Did you not notice the other day when you were being harassed in the bus, you helped yourself calm down by doing a brief meditation?


Meditation is useful for such situations. It doesn’t take much to simply be still. What takes a lot more is movement. Do you know why?

Yup. Movement is creating. As in creating life. Creating your Soul’s desire. And since Soul knows no rules and regulations, it’ll take a lot of guts to create. To move.

Movement takes a lot more courage because it needs more energy. Energy is the universe. You are receiving as well as sending energy to the universe. Just imagine the energy if humanity created as ONE. The immense power will transform not only this physical world but the world of the spiritual as well.

You mean, the spiritual world also needs an overhaul?…Oh man! I can’t believe I just said that.

Yes, child. Me too.


No matter. It’s for a purpose. There are many others who are puzzled and confused why you are doing this.

Doing what?

You know exactly what I mean. This conversation we’re having, for example. There are others out there who feel that you are taking them for fools to actually believe this conversation is between you and God.

Pshh! Whatever. That only means they’re not ready for The Truth yet. Either that or they DON’T WANT The Truth coz their pride are hurting too much. Like I said, whatever. Whatever they choose to believe is their choice. I’m not forcing anyone.

Yes. God does not force. Ever. I have given all of you the gift of FREE WILL. But it has come to an age where FREE WILL has overtaken even the Soul. The Soul does not have FREE WILL. The Soul is Me. I Am God. I Am absolute. I Am absolute joy. It is time for messengers, such as yourself, to awaken this absolute joy in the world. There is now too much pain and suffering that I have awakened messengers from deep sleep in order for this world to return to its original state. I created this world from Myself. For Myself. Through Myself. And to Myself it shall return. There are others who believe this is impossible to believe. Why? Because they have believed in The Untruth for too long. They have been waiting for The Truth for such a long, long time and yet when it is brought to them they reject it because it does not conform to the rules and regulations that they have lived for so long. It is time to let go. It is time to free your Soul. Ask them.

Ask them what?

Ask them how it feels to reject The Truth.

No, thanks. YOU ask them.

Alright. I will tell you how they feel. They feel like hell.

Ooh. God said the H word.

Sorry. Go on.

They are now experiencing the awakened Soul which is struggling to be free. That is how hell feels like. What about you? How do you feel?

Well…there have been a couple of hellish episodes that I prefer would not have happened. Like Rene’s ear-check up. (Sorry. It’s something I don’t think I’ll ever forget. I bawled my eyes out like for half an hour to get rid of the pain.) And the scare I had when I thought mum and dad will never ever be able to attend mass again. That scared the sht out of me. And of course, those dark days after I clicked SEND that started this whole damn (sorry, but cursing gives more drama) THING. And then there was–

Enough of the hellish. How about the joy?

Oh. That’ll be rather difficult coz too many to enumerate. All I can say is I haven’t been sick lately, I’m eating well and sleeping very well. How’s that?

Good enough. Life is joy and fear. Fear are the hellish episodes. But your platform or shall I say OS, as in Operating System, should always be joy. That is the disposition of most masters and messengers (by the way, masters are messengers and vice versa). If you are always in touch with your Soul, your overall disposition would be joy. But fear will always be hovering in the background because it is essential that fear exists alongside joy. You cannot know one without the other. Masters know this. Messengers know this. Messengers are in touch with their Souls all the time so that is why they are moving all the time. Creating all the time.


Woah what?

You brought this conversation back on track all by Yourself. I didn’t even have to remind You. We were talking about meditation and movement, diverted to joy and fear and now we’re back again. You’re so cool!

Thank You. So do you wanna cap it up?

Sure. Meditation and movement is what life is all about. Joy and fear is what life is all about. Meditation is joy. Movement or creating is scary coz we will always have fear in us. Without fear we will not experience joy. But we must always remember we are joy. Not fear. Um…I don’t know where this is going. Round and round, I think.

I will round it up for you, child. STOP CHOOSING FEAR ALL THE TIME. CHOOSE JOY.