Spilled Seeds

Spilled Seeds2


For breakfast, I like to soften my handful of raisins in a bowl of hot water before eating (sticks to the teeth less). I spilled the bowl of soaking raisins this morning. What’s the purpose, God?

What do those raisins look like?


Based on the parable of the sower and the seeds, what do the seeds represent?

The Unspoken Truth?

There was water in there.

Water is metaphor for God.

With those in mind, I Am sure you will be able to come up with the meaning all by yourself.

I’ll try. The Unspoken Truth (seeds/raisins) have been hidden with The True God for a long, long time. My bowl (the Internet) spilled the raisins (The Unspoken Truth) together with the water (God) on the table (world). The Truth is now spilling into the world. Cool.

Cool, indeed. And whose fault is it, dear one?


Great. If anything goes wrong?