Boo hoo! I’m losing FOLLOWERS!



I’m losing FOLLOWERS, God.

Do you care?

No, not really. In fact, I find it funny. Why is that?

Because you are laughing at the mindset of others. The mindset that the opinion of others matter more than being true to yourself. In order to be truly FREE in this realm, you have to set aside what the world thinks of you whenever you create. You already know that too well, do you not, child?

Yup. Others would probably die of shame or embarrassment if they knew a side of me I have shown to others.

Why did you show others another side of you?

Because my divinity was being violated. I was just giving them what they wanted. My Soul was simply complying with their thoughts. And it was for a purpose. In order for them to judge me or not. I can’t believe I dared do that! It was a side of me I thought I never had. I was shaking with the energy of creating. I was like a runaway train!

That was your Soul alright. Your Soul could not care less what anyone thinks.

So it’s also my Soul who’s laughing at those who are unfollowing me.

Your Soul is joy, remember?

My body as well. People see my face and they call me, “Joy!” Sorry. I love cheese.