I went out today. When I came back and re-read my tweets , I realize I made a couple of mistakes! Typos! Why did my Soul do that?

Test of faith, child.

How does that test faith? Whose faith? Mine?

You have got to be kidding me, child.

About my faith?

Yes. Your faith is already carved in stone.

Then I suppose it’s others faith in me.

Yes. Making mistakes is part of life. The old world thinks that anything that has mistakes, it is not of God. I Am everything, remember? Everything has a purpose. Even mistakes.

Oh, okay. Now I understand. My Soul made those mistakes so that I’ll ask You about them and thus this conversation.

Yes. There are others who are hitting themselves on the head for making mistakes that they simply cannot move on. As in get to the next level of this whole affair. You know it child, don’t you? You do know what those mistakes are for?

Yup. I was accused of being a scammer to prove that I’m not a scammer.


But I can’t blame them for hitting themselves on the head over such mistakes. It’s really embarrassing.

Once you care what others think of you they own you.

I know.

They don’t.

Of course they do.

You are right, child. They do. But they still care what others think of them. That is the purpose.

The purpose?

Yes. The agenda of their souls is to make mistakes so that they are able to express the desires of their souls without them caring about what others think of them.

The agenda of their souls is to make mistakes? As in jump to conclusions?

Yes. It is part of The Plan. It is for them to learn from their mistakes as well as others. You are all models for the world to emulate.

We make mistakes so that others will emulate us?

Yes. Because there is no such thing as a mistake. Only the next step to your evolution. That is what The Law of Retraction means. You have learnt that a choice that you have made does not work for you. Therefore, once the same scenario ever occurs again, you can decide to make the same choice or choose another choice. That is how you learn from your mistakes. As it is, this world believes mistakes should be punished. Punished even to the point of death. Mistakes are the agenda of the Soul. God is perfect. Ye are Gods. Mistake is but a label of your creations that do not work for you. The word “mistake” along with “untimely” should be eradicated from your vocabulary.

That’s impossible. How about replacing them instead?

You can do that. What would you replace it with it?

*shrug* I’ll think of something. So what do I do with those mistakes I made with my tweets? Shall I delete them?

Then how will others know what we are talking about?

Oh yeah.

Mistakes are in the past. Leave them there. They’re done. They’re over. Forget about them. Move on.

Easier said than done.

Rephrase that, child.

Okay. Consider it done.

And the universe shall comply.