Dream of a Bridge & a Door



13 March 2014 Thursday 4:47am

I was about to cross an overhead bridge but it was destroyed. But I still tried and there were others with me. It was a wreck but we didn’t care. Even though there were barricades people still slipped through. I lost my shoes and bag among the crowd. I did manage to get to the other side. But now I wanna get back to the other side again. There were so many people with me struggling as I was trying to get across the destroyed bridge. There was chaos everywhere. A man even peed in his pants while his friends were telling him to hold it. I passed by and accidentally stepped on his pee. Oh no, I have to wash my bare feet. I looked for a restroom and found one. But it was the gents. I couldn’t use it. I came across a man who was washing his feet at a tap. I asked him whether I can use that and he said yes.

I went back to the bridge and somehow along with others, I managed to get across it. I even found my bag, with everything intact, including my coin purses.

Next scene, I was asking a lady, (she’s actually a Filipina but living in America) to design a door for me. She designed a simple design which I thought was too ordinary. I showed her the door way. I told her it should be double paneled. It was too tall so the new door should be designed to make it look lower. While we were talking, a man came to look at the door as well. The lady seemed distracted by him. I think she found him attractive. She talked about how she’s an expert and all that which I half believed. She finally packed her things and left.

Then I woke up.