I got the hiccups. If tripping is deserving of attention then what are hiccups?

What happens when you hiccup?

Air tries to jump out of your body.

What is air to the body?

Air is life. But sometimes hiccuping can be painful. Is it bad air?

There’s no such thing as bad, remember? It is air in your body that you don’t need. It’s surplus air.

Like pride. Too much of it and it’ll be painful.

Yes. Hiccup is like too much pride. So what do people usually do to get rid of hiccups?

Well, you can drink water.

Water. Water is metaphor for?

For God. So to get rid of too much pride one has to take a glass of God.

Very funny, dear one.

He he.

Fine. To get rid of too much pride one has to acknowledge another as God. And once he or she does that he or she acknowledges himself or herself as God, thus expressing The Power Within.

Very good.

There’s another cure for hiccups.

What is it?

Scare the heebeegeebies out of him.