The Indifferent Pigeon

the indifferent pigeon2

The day I thought I was gonna quit as a messenger (never!) something weird happened.

We were about to have dinner and I was washing my hands in the bathroom when I heard a soft bumping sound at the window.

It was a pigeon. It was on the sill, flapping its wings wildly as if it was stuck or something.

Maybe it was thirsty coz there hasn’t been any rain since late.

Since the tinted glass panes were closed (don’t wanna be accused of pornography by our neighbours now, do we?) I went to the kitchen window to have a better look at him.

He was still at the bathroom window, trying to get a foothold on the slanted sill.

Water. I filled a container with water and placed it at the kitchen window. I splashed the water to attract his attention. It worked.

He perched at end of the laundry metal bracket furthest from me.

I splashed the water again. “Here, birdie. Are you thirsty? Drink. Drink.” He hopped a little nearer. And stopped. And stood very still.

Fine. Whatever. Suit yourself. I’m having my dinner.

He was still there when I was about to wash the dinner stuff. He was just standing there. Very, very still. You know like in meditation or something. I don’t think he even came near the water.

This was around 8:30.

I told my brother about it. I told my daughter about it and she didn’t want to go into the kitchen for the whole night. I told Rene about it, “So cute.”

I checked in on him again before I went to bed. This time his head was in his wing like the way birds sleep. Don’t know how he can keep so still. It was really windy and a little chilly that night.

Then guess what. He was still there in the morning.

Brother, “Hey, that bird’s still there.” I said, “Yeah. Must be an angel.”

Before Rene and I left for school, I checked again.

He was gone.

Have a nice day, pigeon!