The Law of Retraction


This was Neale’s tip about how to live life without regrets. It was in my email. If he gives away anymore tips, nobody need attend his courses anymore. LOL. Anyway, the tip is about the Law of Retraction. In other words, you’re basically saying, I WON’T DO THAT AGAIN! I’VE LEARNED MY LESSON. But what’s your take on this, God? This law of retraction thing?

Exactly, what you just said. There are no such things as mistakes. Only the next step to your evolution. Look up the meaning of retraction first before I continue.

Okay. Hang on.

Okay. Retraction means withdrawal of a promise, statement, opinion, etc. As in “His retraction of the libel came too late.”

Now, earlier on we discussed the matter of what works and what does not work for you. And only upon creation will you realize whether that creation works or does not work for you by the consequences that has resulted from your creation.

Um…I’m with You. More or less.

Looking at or from observing the consequence of your creation it is up to you to gauge whether it works or it does not work for you.

How do I do that? What rule of thumb do I gauge it with it?

How do you feel about it.

I don’t know. Depends on…

No, child. You gauge the consequence of your creation by how you feel about it. Do you feel joy with the end result or do you feel like hell?

Really? It’s that simple?

It’s that simple. Have you created your reality recently?

You have got to be kidding asking me that question.

Yes. I Am actually. You are already so in tune with creating your reality that it’s second nature to you. That is the power of The Power Within. Once you are always coming from your soul you do not notice that you are doing it at all. It will become a way of life. To get back to my question, tell Me a recent creation of yours as an example to illustrate The law of retraction. Remember, it means withdrawal of a promise, statement, opinion, etc.

How about when Rene had that most painful experience recently?

You still cannot let that go, can you, child?

I’m sorry! I just keep remembering his pain while they were doing it. Only when I saw the blood that I realized that he was truly in pain. Now, I keep turning that whole scene over and over again in my mind trying to figure out whether it was intentional.

Did it feel like that to you at the time?

No. Not at all. The people at the clinic seemed like very nice people. I had a thought that they must hate and love their jobs at the same time. Because their souls so badly want to help children but they were trained in such a way that children must go through pain in order to get better. I wouldn’t want that kind of job.

All of you have been trained to think that if the physical body is less than perfect it needs to be fixed. Nothing happens to you by accident. Illnesses and ailments were called by your soul at such and such a time in order for you to experience the highest version ever you held of your true self. Every act is an act of self-realisation. Remember that picture you had of a couple whereby the female had to undergo chemotherapy and lost her hair? Her boyfriend showed his love and support for her by shaving his head as well. Her illness has made their bond stronger. If she had not fallen ill they would never have known the strength of their love. Her soul called that illness to herself in order for this to happen. It was the agenda of her soul.

But God, you see. She went through chemotherapy which is not exactly a joy ride. Isn’t that fixing something that is broken? Meaning her body is less than perfect so doctors are helping her to make it better but she has to go through pain first. So I’m surprised You used that as an example. Because what I gather from our discussion, based on the desires of our souls is that it is better for us to let our illnesses take its own course. Without medical intervention.

I did not say anything about foregoing medical intervention. What I am saying is, all of you must give an individual a choice on how to go about the intervention of an illness. Adults are able to exercise this choice. What about children? Do you think they are consulted for the course of action for their illnesses?

No. I don’t think so. But God, parents would know what’s best for their own children, wouldn’t they?

What about the desire of the child’s soul? Do any of you heed that?

But they’re kids! How will they know how to decide?

Their physical bodies may be young but their souls have been around forever.

How will we know what their souls desire?

Ask them.

No way.

Yes way. The souls of children have not been fully influenced by sponsoring thoughts. If you truly listen to their answers on how they want their physical bodies to be treated you will be very surprised. It will be the opposite of what this world wants for them. Their desires should be respected and heeded because they are coming from their souls.

But all we want for them is to feel better. It is so pityful to see a child sufffer from an illness and eventually die from it.

That is the agenda of their souls, dear one. Suffering is all in the mind.

You keep saying that! I don’t believe that is true! Because I felt Rene’s pain! I felt it. And Rene certainly wasn’t laughing and being joyful at the time. That suffering was certainly not in the mind. It was very, very real for him.

Child, your physical body is an illusion. What is real is your soul. Look at him now. Is he in pain now?

No, of course not. He’s happy playing by himself now. I don’t understand what you’re getting at! He suffered, God. I was there, I was the one holding him down!

Calm down, dear one. It is all in the past. He has forgotten about it. So should you.

I can’t. Why do you keep saying suffering is in the mind when there was extreme pain. Rene was in pain!

If your child was given the opportunity to decide for himself whether to go through that pain or not do you think he would have suffered?

No, he wouldn’t have suffered. You yourself wouldn’t have let him go through with it if you knew how much pain there was.

Truly. Truly I didn’t know. I thought he was just acting. That’s why I feel so guilty now. I’ll never let him go through that ever again. In fact, if they tell me he has to go through that again I’ll say NO! They can test his hearing with or without the earwax overload.

Did they not give you an alternative to the ear wax removal?

Yes. Olive oil drops to soften the wax a few days before the hearing test. Anyway, after this I know what to do.

That is The Law of Retraction. Because upon creation of your reality of not heeding your son’s Soul’s desire you realize that the consequence does not work for you. The key words here are “for you” because it may work for others. By saying that you will never let that happen again you have withdrawn your opinion that removing ear wax is the best thing for your child. You have decided that it does not work for you. How will you know it does not work for you if it had not happened to you first? It had to happen (as in nothing happens to you by accident) in order for you to exercise The Law of Retraction. The most important thing for you to do now in between creating your reality with the subsequent consequence and The Law of Retraction is letting go of the guilt or the regret. Because the same incident will definitely happen again and only then will you know how to create your reality. Will you repeat the same choice or will you make another choice? That is the Law of Retraction.

Question. What about newborn babies or babies not old enough to talk? How will we know what their souls desire?

By feel. The mother and newborn have been ONE for nine months. Don’t you think she wouldn’t know what her baby’s soul desires? If the infant is in pain she will know. That is when she will have to make a choice. A choice based on what she feels to be her infant’s soul’s desire or what she desires. Besides, if the infant’s agenda of the soul is to come back to Me then there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

That’s sad.

Coming back to Me is sad?

No! I mean…oh never mind.