God, Neale said that instead of using the concept of “right & wrong” we should instead use what works or does not work for us. Please explain.

The hearing impaired.

The term hearing impaired, You mean?

Yes. Does it work? Does the term work?

You mean, what effect does it have when I say it?


Well, it kind of shows respect to deaf people.

You just used the word deaf. That word means the same thing. That has been used for centuries and centuries and it was only recently replaced with the words “hearing impaired.” Why?

Because it seems degrading.

What is degrading about being deaf, child?

I don’t think there’s anything degrading about being deaf. If you’re deaf you’re deaf, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

That’s just it, dear one. No matter what label you call a deaf person he is still deaf. Calling him or her hearing impaired does not change the condition. The degrading perception that calling a person with a mere word as opposed to something that was put together to assume a more respectful standard does not change the condition. So now, with regards to this change of labels for the same condition, do you think it works or does not work for you?

I don’t know. Seriously, I just don’t know.

It doesn’t work. It does not work because the person is not affected by any change of labels. Whether for the better or not. Either terms, the condition does not change. Words are just words until you place an energy on it.

How do I do that?

By believing it to be other than what it is. By placing a meaning on it you are giving it energy. Take the word “fuck.”

WOAH! God! You said the F word! No one is gonna believe this is a conversation between me and God! I will certainly not publish this!

You see? Those are just four letters but you have loaded so much connotations on it that it has absorbed so much energy from you. Look at all those exclamation marks. Try this. Take out the vowel. Fck.

I know it’s still the same word but it’s sort of missing something. If I pronounce it, it’ll sound like “fisik.”

It does not mean anything now, does it? That’s because I took away the meaning. I took away the energy from a word and it has now been rendered meaningless. You can do that as well. It is a choice or an action that you have control of. Control means having free will and making a choice.

I have done that. It used to really jar my ears when I hear it. But that was before. Now, it sort of doesn’t affect me anymore. Coz I know that others are using it in order for another Soul to express his own divinity. As in, will the curser be judged or punished? I…um…actually said the word when I saw my blog’s visitor stats this morning–27 per hour for the last 48 hours. So awesome!

And that was out of excitement, was it not? You gave the word a positive energy instead of a negative one. You see, a word works only when you want it to. It doesn’t work if you don’t want it to. What I’m saying is, you give a thought energy by giving it energy, whether it is a positive or a negative energy. Make a choice. A choice from your sponsoring thoughts of judgement mentality or a choice from your Soul. A choice of seeing others as God.

So that means the choice from the Soul is what works and the choice from judgement mentality is the one that doesn’t work.

They both work, child. The difference is the consequences after the choice is made. Only then will you know whether it works or not. It is your creation. It is your consequence. Whatever works.

I think I’m getting a headache.